House of Cards Decor Styles

House of Cards

The decoration of House of Cards is as well planned as the power struggle for the characters

House of Cards fans  who loved the plot, characters and even decor of House of Cards are already counting down to the season four premiere of the Netflix series. The site will make available tomorrow, March 4th, 13 more episodes.

The series, starring actor Kevin Spacey, whose performance earned him an Emmy 2015, follows the political and personal life of Francis Underwood, an ambitious and manipulative man who goes to great lengths to get what he wants, even inside the White House.

Analysis of House of Cards decoration

With the character in the White House, one of the most famous sets of Hollywood series and movies, the decoration of House of Cards finds the same kind of environment of class and elegance that exists in the real White House.

Realistic House of Cards Decor - Frank Underwood in the Oval Room

House of Cards Decoration for the White House Oval Room

The official residence of the top leader of the United States, the White House has a remarkably classic, very formal and very distinguished decor style.

Below, Kevin Spacey, Mahershala Ali (who plays Remy Danton) and Molly Parker (as Jackie Sharp) in the White House scene from Season Three.

Frank Underwood, from House of Cards, arguing at the White House

Meanwhile, Underwood’s previous abode had a slightly more contemporary feel, without being “pop”. Social areas were adorned with artwork handpicked by Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright.

The house had three suites and a basement in which Francis enjoyed playing Call of Duty, that is, when Claire wasn’t there to take him away from the video game and force him to work out.

Many pieces of furniture are from The Kellogg Collection , a company with over 30 years in the USA, specializing in classic furniture, as well as accessories and with many items imported from England, Italy and France.

Claire Underwood, from House of Cards, in an interview

House of Cards decoration for the Underwood house

Claire Underwood in her office

In large footage, the kitchen of the former Underwood house (below) had the common arrangement of furniture in American houses, that is, a central island for food preparation and for the meal itself.

Of course, in the case of these two, they rarely met there to eat. Easier to see in recent seasons in their quick stops there to open a wine or grab a snack.

Frank Underwood in his home kitchen

The effective moments of their meeting were in the “smoking window”: in this space, every night, the couple reflected and planned the future steps of their careers.

Frank and Claire smoking

Another property that caught the attention of the first seasons of House of Cards was the loft of the photographer who was Claire’s lover.

Completely bare, with wooden floors and peeling walls, the place was a meeting point between the ambitious blonde and Adam Galloway (Den Daniels).

Claire Underwood in the photographer's loft

Good tomorrow the fourth season will be online and the fifth season has already been confirmed. So, now is waiting for more details of the plot and even the decoration of House of Cards.