Vertical Gardens – incorporate nature into your day

Vertical Gardens

If you live in a big city you are probably used to seeing little green.

This excess of concrete and lack of vegetation is not just an aesthetic impact. It interferes with the heat exchange with the environment, generating the phenomenon known as heat islands, in addition to impairing air quality.

It would be nice if we could make more room for plants, but where? Cities seem increasingly crowded and spaces smaller and smaller.

That’s why a new trend is emerging, the green walls, or vertical gardens.

This technique, of placing vegetation on the walls, has been gaining more and more space, both for its aesthetic appeal and its functionality.

The Minhocão region already has seven vertical gardens, a contrast with the gray of downtown São Paulo.

vertical garden in building Vertical Garden of the Bonfim Building, the largest in Latin America and the third largest in the world vertical garden in building Green wall of the Hud’s building, the first in the region

But life demands care

gardener Green Garden Gardener Green Wall People Ladder

It’s really beautiful, but let’s not forget that it’s about plants, living beings, and that they demand care.

You may have heard of the vertical gardens of Avenida 23 de Maio, the longest green corridor in the world…or at least it should be.

But the garden was left unmaintained, the city hall did not pay the water bill and a large part of the structure was vandalized or stolen.

23 de Maio avenue garden

“Green” corridor on Avenida 23 de Maio

The result was that plants began to die and in the largest green corridor in the world, green is lacking.

Nature inside your home

If you don’t have a lot of space left in your apartment, but always wanted to have a green area, the vertical garden could be the solution.

fit with vertical garden Vertical Gardens are not only beautiful decoration items, they also soften the temperature on hot days.
Apt of 40m² decorated by the Facto Paulista

You can choose to make it yourself, from various vases on the wall to pet bottles cut horizontally.

vertical garden models

Use creativity when creating your green wall

Or you can opt for a professional service and hire a company, such as Muro Verde or Vertical Garden, to give your apartment a makeover.

By hiring a professional service you can get some luxuries, like a system to water your plants automatically, controlled by your cell phone.

But there is another way to bring nature into your daily life without having to get your hands on the earth. You can choose to live in a development that incorporates green into your life.

This is the case of Leopoldo 1201, who is concerned with putting a garden on every floor for his residents to enjoy.

leopoldo 1201

The presence of plants can greatly improve our quality of life, and can even alter our body’s biology and chemistry.

If you want to better understand how the environment can alter how our brain works, check out our article on neuroarchitecture.