5 Architecture and Design Trends for 2019 You Need to Know, Experts Say


Do you want to renovate or decorate your property but first want to know what are the 2019 architecture and design trends? Then this post is for you!

Every year different sectors reveal what is to come in the following year. With architecture and design this would be no different. In Brazil and around the world, there are several fairs that seek to bring together what is best and most innovative on the subject.

For this reason, Cyrela’s architects, responsible for thinking about the constitution of the projects for the construction company’s undertakings, are present at these events to put the ideas brought from there into practice in their daily work.

We spoke with two professionals from the company who showed us the 5 architectural and design trends of 2019 they sought from these events. Check out!

1. Sustainability as the main motto

Surely you have seen sustainability appear in the trend list in guides from past years. In 2019 it is still going strong. And no less. More and more architects and designers need to adapt their projects to sustainable concepts. That’s because the materials used to renovate or decorate a home come from exhaustible sources.

According to Cyrela architect Camila Gouvêa, a specialist in design, interior architecture and decoration, it is necessary to invest more and more in technology and in the creation of an industry capable of developing pieces that better represent the characteristics of exhaustible materials, such as marble, for example.

“If in Italy, where many of these stones are extracted for civil construction, there is already a very strong culture of creating larger synthetic pieces, with better representation of the veins of marble, to preserve what is exhaustible, then we also have to think about that. If we don’t, we’re going to be left behind”, says the professional.

Furthermore, it is a mistake to think that sustainability is only linked to something simple, reused. For Cyrela’s architect Gabriel Jovelho, these ties need to be taken off. “To be sustainable is to invest in a material that will last much longer, without interfering with nature. Sustainability is the way you think. All materials are finite. So we have to think about the years that are yet to come”, he emphasizes.

To get an idea of ​​how sustainability is essential when thinking about architecture and design, the latest edition of Maison & Objet, a design fair, showed sustainability as the greatest virtue of a decorative object.

2. Valuation of the national product


It is quite common for Brazilians to tend to value international products, believing they are better than those here. But not quite. At least that’s what architects Camila and Gabriel guarantee.

Recently, both were in a quarry and factories to get to know Brazilian stones and were impressed with the amount of materials we have in Brazil. According to the architects, many of the materials used in European countries that we bring here are actually our products. “The products undergo a transformation there and then come back to us. It makes no sense. So we need to use more of what is ours. We understand the value of this and try to pass it on to customers,” says Gabriel.

The idea of ​​bringing what is national to homes and buildings is a reality at Cyrela. In this matter of valuing the place, the company is currently building a luxury development in the city of São Paulo and using a Brazilian stone for the architecture of the property, the perla santana. According to Camila, the stone is being used in finishing of internal and external areas.

3. Search for the natural


Another highlight is the search for the natural. That is, according to our experts, the trends for 2019 come with natural products such as wood, fiber and ceramics as strong materials to be used not only in floors and coverings but also in objects such as tables and chairs.

“These objects, in general, bring a more organic and fluid form”, says Gabriel. Within this trend, it is worth mentioning the coming of green to the property. For example, in facades, gardens and as a complement to the decoration of the house.

The natural is allied to sustainability and also refers to coziness, in addition to bringing a “feeling of home”. For architects, it is recommended to bet on this trend.

4. Renovated industrial style


The industrial style was born long before it became a trend in architecture. It was in the 1950s, in the United States, that the genre was created. Brick walls, beams and apparent plumbing are part of this style.

At first it may not seem like a good idea, but when you come across a property decorated in this way, the surprise comes immediately: it is rustic and beautiful at the same time. It’s an evolution of the industrial trend we’ve seen in the past.

“The world is in a moment of freedom. This issue of empowerment and letting go of what holds us back is coming to the fore more and more. As in other markets, we always walk where the world is heading. So, valuing this freedom, leaving the structures more visible, the concrete, but all deliberately, the beauty of the imperfect, of irregularities, is a trend”, declares Camila.

5. Colors: earth tones, green, dark blue, purple…http://blog.cyrela.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/item-5.jpg

The colors that come strong this year are those that refer to the natural. Therefore, betting on earthy tones, blue and dark green are the right choices! According to Cyrela’s architects, winter colors are on the rise. Shades of navy, petroleum, mustard and even wine are on the list.

“Another color that we can highlight is the millennial pink, which dates back to 2016. When I was at the International Furniture Salon in Milan, Italy, this color was very present. And almost as a continuation of it comes purple for this year too, the ultraviolet”, reveals Camila.

Purple is a very striking color. Therefore, the suggestion is that it be used in specific objects such as armchairs, arrangements and other focal points so that it doesn’t get tiring. And of course, as it should be mentioned, the living coral, indicated by Pantone, a brand considered an authority on colors, as the color of the year 2019.

As you could see, the natural and sustainability are the watchwords for this year. Take advantage of the tips in the post and apply the ideas! Did you like it? So check out what you need to know when choosing the professional who will decorate your apartment!

Learn more about the interviewees:

Camila Gouvêa: Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, in 2012. With more than seven years of experience in the market, she has worked in renowned architecture and interiors firms, such as Roberto Migotto and João Armentano, who provided her specialization in design, interior architecture and decoration. Since 2017, he has been working in Cyrela’s Product Development area.