6 amazing tips for having a winter garden in your apartment

winter garden

Having a green corner inside the apartment is, without a doubt, the desire of many people. However, due to the lack of space and the old belief that plants need to be grown exposed to the sun, it is not uncommon for this plan to be sidelined.

But what you and many people may not know is that there is a way to make your dream come true and add even more value to the decoration of the property: taking nature inside it by creating a winter garden.

After all, this type of garden is designed to be inside the residence, offering a space for relaxation and promoting  quality of life and health for all residents — especially during the coldest times of the year.

Are you curious to know how to assemble yours? So, follow the post to the end, as we have listed 7 tips to help you on this mission!

1. Establish the ideal space

The first tip is about choosing the environment for the winter garden, as the possibilities are endless! For example, for those who work from home and have a home office, it can be a great option to set up the garden inside this work area.

You can also easily install the green space in the hallway between the bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room and even the bathrooms.

One suggestion is to isolate the conservatory from the rest of the room without necessarily depriving residents and visitors from being able to appreciate it or even check it up close. For this purpose, sliding, glass or acrylic doors around the garden are excellent outlets for demarcating the area.

But you might be asking yourself: “how to define which is the right place?”. Basically, it is necessary to understand that the garden should not be exposed to the sun, on the outside of the property – after all, as we said, its main characteristic is to be installed indoors. Therefore, the ideal is that your garden receives, at most, indirect lighting.

Also, it’s essential to take into account the environments you spend the most time in when planning the installation.

Thus, it is possible to enjoy more of the winter garden and the benefits it brings to your health, such as relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety levels and improving the quality of the air you breathe. https://s3.amazonaws.com/rockcontent-bucket/images/production/198120-6-dicas-incriveis-para-ter-um-jardim-de-inverno-em-seu-apartamento.jpg?1525982801

2. Think about the possibility of verticalizing the garden

Do you feel that the chosen environment has a reduced and even compact footage? Well know that there is no need to worry! In interior design, it is increasingly common to verticalize the garden and, in this way, optimize the use of every centimeter.

And make no mistake: there is not only the option of installing panels or trusses on the walls. You can choose from excavated niches for mini-greenhouses, aerial supports for vases, ceiling hangers, trestles for terrariums… In other words, there will be no shortage of alternatives! https://s3.amazonaws.com/rockcontent-bucket/images/production/198127-6-dicas-incriveis-para-ter-um-jardim-de-inverno-em-seu-apartamento.jpg?1525983296

3. Consider creating a cross-functional environment

Your garden, in addition to being a space for enjoying nature, can also become an environment that embraces several features. For example, it is possible to reserve an area of ​​it to create a meditation place — with installation of speakers for ambient music — or a reading corner — with an armchair for resting and a small shelf for books.

On the other hand, you can transform the environment into a special place to practice yoga and/or pilates, as you only need a mat.

For those who have a more spacious winter garden, work from home and don’t give up on a nap after lunch, how about adding a hammock between the plants and, thus, taking a peaceful and relaxing nap daily?

4. Select suitable plants for the winter garden

Unlike a regular garden, it is essential that the chosen plants share certain similarities, such as low frequency of watering and the possibility of being cultivated in the shade, as they do not need direct light.

And they don’t all have to be the same species. On the contrary, it is valid, yes, to mix different types, making the place more diverse and visually attractive. https://s3.amazonaws.com/rockcontent-bucket/images/production/198132-6-dicas-incriveis-para-ter-um-jardim-de-inverno-em-seu-apartamento.jpg?1525983508

That said, we’ve put together some examples to make your choice process easier and, of course, to inspire you to make this corner of your home even more beautiful, elegant and inviting. See what our alternatives are:

  • succulents;
  • minicacti;
  • cacti;
  • aloe;
  • water stick;
  • fern;
  • zamioculca;
  • tree of happiness;
  • sword of St. George;
  • peperomy;
  • raffia palm;
  • fan palm;
  • cyclant;
  • jade;
  • pleomel;
  • boa constrictor;
  • Areca palm;
  • aloe vera.

5. Define the proper accessories

The winter garden is not just made up of beautiful plants. On the contrary, you can (and should) customize your space with accessories that give it a charm. Among the most used decorative options are:

  • stone cladding for walls;
  • wooden decks;
  • floor covering with white gravel;
  • bamboo blinds for sliding doors;
  • waterfall and artificial lake;
  • stickers and wallpapers ;
  • ceramics and clay pieces;
  • aquarium.

6. Choose an inviting color palette

Although the space is called a winter garden, you don’t have to take the name literally and choose a range of light and cool tones (such as white, ivory, off-white or gray) for the walls of this room — that is, if you decide not to use other coatings on them.

A good idea is to invest in pleasant, intense and warm colors, such as earthy and green (forest, moss, grass, etc.), which refer to wood, earth and nature. In this way, the space will be more stimulating, cozy and, above all, inviting.  https://s3.amazonaws.com/rockcontent-bucket/images/production/193168-6-dicas-incriveis-para-ter-um-jardim-de-inverno-em-seu-apartamento.jpg?1524672547

7. Plan your winter garden maintenance

Finally, decide on the days when you or another family member will conserve the green area.

After all, there are several precautions that must be taken so that they can develop properly, stay with a beautiful appearance and do not die precipitously, such as weekly watering, periodic pruning and monthly replacement/addition of substrate, sand and gravel in the containers.

That’s why, when choosing species with similar characteristics — like the ones we listed in this post — it’s possible to define a single cycle for all of them — which optimizes the maintenance task and makes it much more practical, thus avoiding any plant. do not receive the necessary attention.

See how it is possible to bring green into your apartment with the winter garden? Then, follow our tips and give a new face to the property with a personal atmosphere and approaching you and your family nature!

And since we talked about how to further enhance your home decor, enjoy and check out examples of charming decor for rooms!