6 trends in coatings to renew your apartment environments


6 trends in coatings to renew your apartment environments

Coatings that imitate wood and natural stones are a trend

Coatings are essential in both interior and exterior projects. Trends change quickly, but what are the main ones today?

Expo Revestir 2015 was recently held, Apto was there and we separated the 5 trends in the coolest coatings.

1. Wood

Without a doubt, coatings that imitate wood continue to be a trend for floors and walls. Today there are an infinity of dimensions and combinations, allowing for an even more original and natural effect. It is easier to maintain than those made with natural raw material, after all they do not need to be waterproofed or sanded/painted over time. They are a great option for those looking for a touch of coziness at home with the practicality of porcelain.


2. Natural stones

Following the line of materials from nature, another big trend is the marbled porcelain tiles, which imitate the veins and textures of natural stones. They are cheaper than marble and classic shades such as Carrara and Travertino are the most used, as they are timeless and neutral – they match any environment.


3. Retro

Retro-style elements are also on the rise! Reinterpretations of old trends bring a nostalgic and cozy touch. In the retro line there is a lot of cool stuff, but the most interesting are the horizontal pieces that resemble “bricks”. Give preference to pastel and neutral tones.

retro-trend coatings

4. Redesigned tiles

Hydraulic tiles, or better, coatings that imitate these finishes (since the originals have great thickness) entered the market with force. The current trend, however, deviates from the normal pattern – checkered and colored. The bet is on more monochromatic prints and in different formats. A delicate option for those looking for the charm of tiles, but do not like the strong mix of traditional pieces.


5. Graphics

Lines, hexagons, geometric patterns, in short, it has it all. For the hipsters on duty, there’s no better tip than graphic designs. With a range of options, it’s incredible, it won’t be difficult to find a unique coating full of identity for your space. The suggestion is to take it easy, as they are very striking prints, they can get tired over time. Thus, apply them to only one surface, avoiding using them on floor and wall in the same environment, for example.


6. Rustic materials

And also, coverings inspired by rustic materials, such as concrete, stainless steel or corten steel and bricks. The contrast of these materials brings a very interesting effect to any environment. They are usually expensive or difficult to apply in finished apartments, but the result is worth any effort.