9 creative ways to decorate your balcony!


Making the apartment’s balcony a functional area is an excellent idea to upgrade the property. When decorating the balcony, dozens of environments can arise: gourmet space, barbecue, wine cellar, decks and gardens are just a few examples among so many possible options.

In addition to enhancing your property, the terrace is capable of becoming a cozy place to enjoy leisure time, gathering friends and family. In this post, we prepared some tips on how to obtain a true private paradise. Follow up!

1. Gourmet Space

Having an outdoor place to share meals is great for any family’s social life. It even helps to improve relationships with children. Before thinking about what to do, however, it is important to consult the condominium convention. This way, you know what is released and what is prohibited, avoiding fines, lawsuits and misunderstandings.

After all, the intention is to enjoy moments of relaxation and leisure, and not have more stress, isn’t it? The second topic to be thought of on the balcony is distribution. The advice is to divide the available area into three parts: wet (sinks and faucets), hot (barbecue and stove) and cold (fridge and freezer).

Hot spots and ice creams must be far away from each other. If your building does not have a barbecue, a good option is the electric models, which do not smoke.

Another possibility is grills with glass sides. They bring a very modern look. To enhance this equipment, in terms of aesthetics, it is interesting to cover it with demolition wood, chip, hydraulic tile and marble. It looks stunning!

In the gourmet area, the colorful tone is a great ally to transmit relaxation and whet your appetite. Choose furniture in vibrant tones for cabinets, stools and for the refrigerator. Yellow and red sharpen the palate.

2. Joinery Project

With a good carpentry project, it is possible to gather more than one type of room on the balcony: a plate sideboard attached to the wooden sofa becomes a mix of kitchen and living room, a table with flexible hinges, to be opened only during meals, turns into a cup only when used.

It is possible to create a place for the children to study, a TV room, a bar to socialize with friends and even an area for painting, if someone in the family has that artistic streak.

The good thing about joinery is that the wood is on the rise. The reuse of raw raw materials with other more elaborate materials is a trend. So much so that at the Design Weekend festival, which brings the latest developments in decoration and architecture, this style was very striking.

The idea is to merge unusual objects and textures, such as wooden chairs and woolen seats, benches that are tree stumps and furniture finished with nautical ropes. The effect is a very nice look.

3. Industrial style

The imitation of factory and industrial spaces is another line that has been very successful – and it is possible to adopt it on your balcony. The main feature of this genre is to purposefully leave pipes, beams and even exposed bricks. For those who have children in their teens, this look is usually very pleasing, as it creates a youthful touch to the environment.

On the floor, a hydraulic floor gives the necessary trace of beauty and also serves to limit the interior balcony. Combining wood and concrete is another very contemporary choice, providing a balance between hot and cold.

4. Cellar

A good wine after a busy day at work is a blessing. Wine is always valid! In addition, a wine cellar on the porch brings a touch of refinement. In this case, however, it is necessary to opt for climate-controlled models, as the bottles should not be exposed to light and heat from the sun.

There are different models and sizes available on the market. If the porch design is more rustic, there are wood-lined cellars. Or you can choose metallic ones, which guarantee a more modern and clean look — which goes well with the industrial style.

There are cellars that have a silent engine, safety locks against accidental shutdown, alarm (if the door is open for more than a minute), air filters, digital temperature control and a glass lid, which support the aesthetic composition.

With modernity, there are practically no limits on what to do on the balcony. In fact, the use of technology in condominiums is highly valued in new projects.

5. Cup

Another suggestion for decorating the porch is to set up an outdoor canopy. Maybe you don’t want to have a barbecue and a freezer on the terrace. If this is the case, just leave a table in the center with a few chairs around it, so that meals can be served on the spot without having to prepare food on the balcony.

Adopt furniture that can withstand the rain and sun, and that is easy to clean — the outside area accumulates a lot of dust. A taller table, counter style, is comfortable and allows you to enjoy the landscape better.

6. Deck

A deck on the terrace is very charming. They are simply installed, so you can quickly see the result. There are stores that sell loose pieces to be attached by the resident himself.

Match the decks:

  • beds of white stones;
  • plants;
  • warm lighting;
  • beanbags and pillows.

The environment is charming and welcoming.

7. Garden/Zen Space

Porch gardens inspire calm and relaxation — and add that touch of nature. An option loaded with aesthetic beauty are vertical gardens. For this, a wooden or metal frame needs to be attached to the walls.

Then just hang the vases and cachepots on hooks. The plants with long foliage give a very pleasant green cascade impression. In corners, mix different sized strains. Leave the taller ones behind so that the smaller ones can be seen too.

Jabuticaba, pitangueira and lemon are fruit trees that can be grown on balconies, as they adapt well in pots. In front of them, place species such as bromeliads (be careful with excess water), orchids (be careful with too much sun and wind) and spear-of-saint-jorge (resistant, but needs little light).

8. Living extension

The integration of the balcony with the rest of the living room is also very popular in decoration. The care that must be taken is to observe the harmony between the internal and external parts.

Marble, onyx, fine woods (angelim, walnut and sucupira), porcelain and granite provide a lot of elegance for an extended space.

Select the finest pieces in your living room and bring some similar items to the balcony to ensure balance. Also remember that high-end finish and good lighting design are essential features of a luxury apartment.

9. Corner for relaxation

Finally, an interesting idea is to make the balcony a place to rest. You know that sleep in the middle of a Sunday afternoon? Being outdoors helps to unwind and relaxes the mind.

In this scenario, hammocks, deckchairs and cushions fit well. A wooden deck ensures a higher area to support these furniture. Use vegetables and flowers to attract birds and butterflies.

The tip is to hide everything that reminds you of the daily rush. Around the air conditioner, for example, it is possible to install a slatted woodwork sideboard. Having an enclosure like this provides much better quality of life.

Decorating the balcony, therefore, is an excellent choice to create a new environment in the property, spend more time with the family and enjoy moments of leisure. The range of possibilities is very wide. So, just choose the one that best suits your style. Always remember to consult the condominium agreement before starting any renovations.

Thus, it is not even necessary to move to another city to get moments of relaxation, pleasure and social interaction. When deciding what will be done on your terrace, remember to think about the comfort you cherish.

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