Apartment of the future has the concept “less things, more happiness”

Apartment of the future


Apartment of the future adapts to your needs of the moment with intelligent use of spaces

You know that popular saying “less is more”? That’s exactly how Graham Hill, of Life Edited consultancy, believes the apartment of the future will be.

If today luxury means having time, and time cannot be bought, the need to live close to everything arises. The problem is that a lot of people think like that and these areas end up being more popular and apartment prices go up.

This is a dynamic seen in Manhattan for a long time and now attracts attention in São Paulo.

The Life Edited is a company that helps people memorize their compact smart apartments, providing the various uses without grips.

See an example of Graham Hill’s own apartment, which is 39 m² with 90 m² functionality, according to himself.

The trump card of the apartment of the future is flexibility. The bed is built into the wall, the desk expands and a “wall-closet” moves to make room for a bedroom with a bunk bed.

In an interview with Folha de SP, he takes the curiosity out of many and tells how it is to live in an “apartment of the future”, now in the present.

Folha de SP – Is there nothing missing from this apartment?
Graham Hill – No. Receiving friends is very important to me. I can invite up to 10 people to dinner. And you can comfortably have up to two guests. I have an office, lots of light and a “home theater” with a projector. There’s room for my bike, surfboard and a bunch of other things. I live in one of the best neighborhoods in the world [in New York’s Soho neighborhood].

How long do you want to live in it?
I have no plans to move. It works perfectly for me at this point in life.

Did you get rid of a lot?
I left some furniture behind, as the apartment is custom made. However, with the amount of space we designed to store things in the apartment, I didn’t have to get rid of as many objects as I thought.

Life Edited in country

In São Paulo, the neighborhood that has characteristics most similar to Manhattan is Vila Olímpia and it is there that the first Life Edited project in Brazil is emerging.

Construction company Vitacon teamed up with Life Edited to create the VN Quatá , which has a capacity of 18 to 51 m², in the mold of the apartment of the future that we saw earlier. In addition to having intelligent spaces in the apartments, residents will also have typical hotel services such as concierge and cleaning and housekeeping available.

The focus is on executives attracted by the business hub of Faria Lima, which is also rich in commerce and leisure.

See what the VN Quatá loft would look like.

VN Quatá - Loft