Apps and websites that help you when you’re moving


The idea of ​​moving to a new property that suits your lifestyle more sounds wonderful. But the change itself, that’s a part that nobody likes.

Pack things, choose a carrier, load everything, follow the route, unload and unpack. Certainly a stressful process.

But as always, technology and the internet are there to help us, here is a list of websites and apps that can help you in this step.


The Helpie puts you in direct contact with people available to transport your stuff and suggests a price for the job.

Professionals have a profile that you can consult before deciding to close the deal.

In addition, Helpie is a platform where you can find any type of service you need, so you can already hire someone to help with packaging and unpacking, or even make small repairs to the property.

I want shipping

Another service that can help you is Quero Freight.

On this platform you register what you need to transport, several truck drivers view your request and make an offer, then it’s up to you to negotiate and choose with whom you want to close the deal.

You pay via the website only after the cargo has been delivered and you can track the truck throughout the entire journey.

PUL – Free Pick-Up

An easy and uncomplicated way to transport small and medium loads.

Just download the app, request the type of car you need, describe what will be transported and the origin and destination address.

After that you will receive 5 proposals, the value is calculated based on the distance, time and weight of the items.

Also, there are some extra options. Help to load the parts and travel along with the cargo.

Through the app, you can follow the route and make the payment.


But if your move is very bulky, it might be better to choose a specialized service with large loads.

This is the case with Uship, a platform that connects you directly with available carriers for large freight.

With this service, you can even transport vehicles and boats.

You register the cargo and interested carriers have contacted you.

It is important that you clearly describe the cargo that will be transported, add photos, details, dimensions and weight. So that the ideal professional for the service can contact you.

Through the app you communicate with your carrier, receive notifications about the shipping and pay for delivery.

If you haven’t reached this stage yet, haven’t found the ideal property you want to move to, see our previous article, there we indicate the best platforms that can help you find the home of your dreams.