Apto provides exclusive information for real estate buyers to decide with more security

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New real estate portal, specializing in new apartments in Greater São Paulo, provides exclusive information, free of charge, such as prices, expert comments and differentials

São Paulo, August 2015 – Buying a property is always the most important thing in people’s lives. To live or invest, everyone will always want to get the best deal.

According to Secovi-SP , today there are 27,448 new apartments available in the city of São Paulo and the task of finding the perfect apartment for you is usually no longer a pleasure due to the excess of options and the complexity of the purchase.

This is a problem that many other markets have solved with high-tech support and it is now available to the real estate market as well.

The new real estate portal, called Apto, has the proposal of being the only and definitive destination when starting the search for an apartment in Greater São Paulo, greatly simplifying the purchase process. This is because the portal is making the main new apartments available for sale and will soon have them all.

According to its founder, Alex Frachetta, Apto’s main objective is to be the right-hand man of property buyers, so there is a team of professionals who study and analyze each real estate project before making it available on the portal with exclusive information for you to decide with more security.

Registered properties have information such as starting price, price per plant, differentials, services, land size and much more.

“Each image of each development is commented on by our experts, so it’s as if you were physically on-site with an expert friend”, adds Frachetta.

With this dedication to content, so far the portal has analyzed more than 7,500 images of all registered fits, of the more than 40 builders and developers that have already entered into a partnership with Apto.

Buying apartments using the internet

In a survey carried out before the launch of the portal, it was identified that people usually date 10 apartments over the internet, choose 4 to visit in person and buy 1. Apto works at this moment of apartment selection, because as soon as the user expresses interest, he is referred directly to the construction company, free of charge.

Search for real estate on the internet

There are cases of people who bought properties exclusively over the internet, but the vast majority still prefer to visit in person.

Even with the wealth of information available online, Frachetta believes it will take time for apartment purchases to go completely digital. “People will continue to visit the sales stands, but now the conversation with brokers will be much more advanced,” he says.