Compact apartment, spacious balcony

Compact apartment

In new apartments, builders have often reserved a lot of space for the balcony and compacted the other areas.

The challenge that arises, in this case, is the need to optimize space so as not to end up with idle space in the new apartment. After all, no one wants to waste square meters gained with a lot of sweat!

Luckily, the concept of a gourmet balcony is already deeply ingrained in Brazil. And the evolutions offer countless possibilities to enjoy the area.

Converting the balcony into a central room

Increasingly designs, the balcony has housed the largest dining table in the fit or even entire kitchens.

When the apartment is delivered already with hydraulic and gas points on the balcony, it is even easier!

In this way, the gourmet balcony becomes a very central room in the apartment. And let’s face it, welcoming friends and family there, seeing the landscape and receiving natural light, can be more relaxed and relaxing.

Invest in a sofa for the balcony

Yes, you read that well! It can be a futon, armchair or even sofa.

Usually, they act in a way that complements the room’s structure, and the idea here is the same as the previous tip: to encourage the use of the room as a social area.

The use of the sofa in this context is independent of the availability of a wet area, as the kitchen can continue to supply visitors.

In this case, it is worth investing in a brewery or winery to give the space more autonomy.

Ah, always good to reiterate: compact apartments can too! For them, we usually opt for modular solutions or made-to-measure items that best fit the available space.

Integrate the living room and the balcony

This has been in fashion for a few years! And no wonder, as it is an excellent alternative to optimize space and integrate people in different environments.

The integration is even more noticeable when using the same floor for both rooms, and when removing glass doors.

If you like this uniformity, the tip is to consider using vinyl or porcelain flooring, as they can tolerate a little more moisture and work very well for both environments.

Consult university students

You are not alone!

A professional can help you assess what is best for your fit, considering both the property, your habits and your lifestyle.

Although trends help a lot, what really matters is that your fit is able to stimulate the best in you.