Compact apartments, huge advantages for singles and families alike

Compact apartments

When compact apartments came along, they were a big hit with singles, students, and workers in other cities who chose good location over space. The new way of living, however, has expanded beyond this limited audience and has conquered entire families who choose to benefit from the advantages of living in a small space. Check out some of them:

Easy to clean

With all adults working outside, it is desirable that housekeeping be practical and quick. Compact fits save time and money on cleaning.

Less mess

Compact fits condition us to be more organized. Yea! The less space, the fewer objects and fewer things to organize.

If you want to make organizing your home even easier,


With no empty spaces, often unused, the compact rooms only fit what suits you, what you like, what reflects your lifestyle. This makes the environment much more familiar and cozy.


Nowadays, all you want is to buy time. Without excesses and complications, the routine in a compact fit is much more practical and uncomplicated.


With less area for finishing, painting and for furniture, it is possible to improve the decoration of compact rooms a little more. In an interview with Live, architect Aline Lopes gives valuable tips for decorating and enjoying small spaces.


As the areas located in the most valued regions of the city (near subways, business centers, etc…) are very expensive, the construction of compact apartments becomes a solution for developers, who manage to launch more units, and for buyers, who pay less to live where they want.

For this reason, most compact fits provide better location.

Lower costs

Compact fits are cheaper to maintain. In general, condominium buildings with compact apartments are cheaper and expenses are proportional to the compact size.

Benefits extended to families

Today, families can enjoy these benefits too. Many developers have modeled compact apartments with two bedrooms and even a balcony. This is the case of Point Vila Yara , by Ekko.

Among the options that the development offers, there is a floor plan of 53 m² with two bedrooms, one of which is a suite, a balcony in the bedroom and a gourmet terrace. The plant has a balcony in the room and a gourmet terrace.

The space for children is on account of the condominium, with complete leisure. What is also recurrent in studio-type apartments: It is possible to reduce the unit’s space ensuring functions such as laundry, pet-place and home-office in common areas.

Encouraged by legislation and motivated by a new behavior, the market began to expand the scope of compact apartments. Giving ever more creative options to those looking for practicality, whether single, newlyweds or family with children.