Discover the functionalities of the Cyrela Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Purchasing a new apartment goes far beyond picking up the keys after the purchase, isn’t it? Technical inspections, documentation analysis, finances… these are just some of the steps behind acquiring that property you’ve always dreamed of.

Intuitive, responsive and with a bold design, the Cyrela Customer Portal combines practicality with technology to offer all the services of your property, at the touch of a button.

To help you navigate the features, we’ve prepared this guide. Are you curious? So keep reading and discover everything the Portal has to offer!

How to access Cyrela customer portal resources?

Entry starts with creating a password to access your personal area on the page.

This is a simple process for everyone who is already a customer of the developer and, if any kind of question arises, just get in touch with the specific area — which we will discuss further ahead.

User home page

Once the password is created, just enter it with the CPF in the portal home. Thus, you will be able to enter the logged-in area, which is the initial private section of each user, where all relevant information is displayed, such as the appointment schedule, relevant documents, construction data and much more.

The screens in this area are contextual, alternating according to the project being viewed. A property that is at the beginning of its construction, for example, can present photos of the construction progress. An apartment that is finished can provide inspection and technical visits options.

In addition, through the information panel, it is also possible to check the financial status of the project, in a summarized and easy-to-understand manner.

In this area, the customer will see the financial functionalities such as request for a statement, advance payment of installments, issuance of payment slips and income report.

Top menu

At the top of the screen are personal data about the customer and the project being viewed. In the upper right corner, where there is a gear symbol, you can access the options for changing the password and the portal usability guide.

To the left of this option, the customer is greeted with their name and, below it, there are options to log out (logout) and update their registration data.

In the center of the top menu is the name of the development — it is possible to switch between more than one property by clicking on this area. And in the upper left corner is access to the side menu.

Lateral menu

The Side Menu is conveniently hidden during navigation, to make it easier to see information on the screen. But, if you prefer, you can leave it fixed with a simple click on the toggle option, which is your first field.

The Side Menu provides quick access to the Work Progress, Technical Assistance, Benefits, Documents, Finance, General Enterprise Information and Inspections portal areas.

In addition, in the Side Menu there are shortcuts to Direct Contact with Cyrela, a Frequently Asked Questions section, the Blog and a Glossary of technical terms.

Progress of the work

On this tab, as the name says, the client can follow the Progress of the Work. You will have access to a timeline of the project, with its entire trajectory described from the beginning.

In addition, the customer can click on each completed phase to access graphic materials, such as photos of the project at that stage.

Above this timeline is a photo with the development in its current phase. You can share this image with family and friends on Facebook. In addition to being able to share the status of the work through the social network, the client can also check the forecast for delivery of the property, with the month and year expected.

Technical assistance

On this tab is one of the most important functions of the portal. In it, customers can request any type of repair to their property, if the item is under warranty.

For this, the customer simply selects the service that needs to be inspected, the problem presented and the room where it is installed. For example, whoever noticed a failure in the room’s air conditioning piping, will select the air conditioning item, the sub-item piping and the comfortable room.

Below these fields there is another one in which it is possible to describe the situation in a few words. The option to complement the explanation with attachments, such as photos, is also available.

The user can include up to 10 items for technical assistance. To remove any topic from this sector, simply click on the trash icon next to the order, as once the assistance request is made, a verification visit is scheduled. After scheduling, an email is sent to the customer confirming the date on which the technician will perform the assessment.

It is important to remember that inspections are carried out according to the item’s warranty, which is also available on the platform.

At the top of the section, you can see the start of the full property guarantee, which corresponds to the date of delivery of the apartment.

If you can’t find the item he wants to talk about, there is also the option “others”, where you can describe the problem. Another highlight: it will not be allowed to make new requests while one is in progress.

Benefits for you

This section lists Cyrela’s partners who provide discounts and special conditions to the company’s customers on products and services such as decoration, gastronomy, appliances and custom furniture.

Partners can be searched by keyword, right on the page. By clicking on the partner, you will see the benefits offered and the usage rules.


All documents relevant to the client and the enterprise are centralized here, such as minutes of meetings, communications, occupancy permits, owner’s manuals and other relevant documents.

Documents can be filtered by keywords and categories, and are presented in chronological order on the page, from newest to oldest. From this tab, users can choose to download the document or view it directly on the page.


The Financial tab is divided into four subsections: financial statement, my slips, income report and advance payment.

In the financial statement area, you can monitor the installments paid and those that are due, in an easy-to-understand timeline. In addition, in this section there is also the modification option, in which expenses with alterations to the work are listed, such as breaking walls and changing finishes.

In the area of ​​my slips, there are all that still have to be paid. If any is overdue, it is possible to generate a second copy, with interest and fine applied automatically.

The income report area provides easy access to the information required for the customer’s Income Tax Return. It is available during the period of submission of Income Tax returns and brings a statement of the property, total value and installments paid so far.

Finally, the anticipation area allows the client to settle the installments to be paid or anticipate any amount related to the property.

My property

The My Property section has a summary of the project, with the description and images of the property, as well as a complete form with the name of the project, tower, unit, floor, number of floors, number of elevators and on which face of the building the apartment is located.

It is also possible to view the floor plan of the apartment, as well as information such as the area of ​​the property, number of bedrooms, parking spaces and the size of each available space.

By scrolling down the page, you will have access to the important dates of the property, such as: Occupation, key delivery, assembly and start of the guarantee.


Similar to the technical assistance section, this is a space where the client can schedule the first inspection of the apartment (as soon as it is ready and released), before the property is delivered. The customer is always notified when that moment arrives.

Customize your property

This is a section that appears to the owners of most Cyrela developments and occurs at the beginning of the work.

In it, it is possible to select specific modifications to the unit, according to what the construction company offers. Change values ​​are also listed here.

And now that you know the functionalities of the Cyrela Customer Portal, how about browsing all that are at your disposal? We wait for you!