Fix: Cyrela’s startup partner for domestic maintenance and repair

domestic maintenance

When buying a property, it is essential to have a construction company that forms specialized service partnerships for home maintenance and repair. After all, even at the time of change, there are always one or two details to be corrected, something that consumes precious time. Therefore, having at your disposal a trained and experienced professional is an important differential.

With that in mind, Cyrela formed a partnership with Fix, a startup that stands out for the innovation it injected into this service market. To tell the details about this work and the benefits that Cyrela’s clients have gained, we spoke with experts from both companies: Mariana Carmo, Cyrela’s Digital Channel Leader, and Thais Sterenberg, Fix’s Marketing Manager.

Check out what they have to tell about this partnership in this post!

Meet Fix

The fix is ​​a startup created with the aim of facilitating access to domestic maintenance and repair services. Through an application, it provides users with options for the most varied needs that may arise in the house or apartment. The idea came from the experience of the company’s founder, Eduardo Quadrado.

One day, he noticed that his microwave had broken. So, it decided to look for a simple maintenance service, since there is no shortage of technical assistance qualified to deal with this equipment. However, the oversupply was precisely a complicating factor rather than a facilitator.

“He saw that to achieve this, he would need many intermediaries in the process,” says Thais. Based on this, it decided to create an application that would facilitate access to the service, directly connecting users and the desired professionals.

However, Fix is ​​not limited to shortening paths. “We were born to transform the service provider’s life,” explains Thais, mentioning the facilitated channel between supply and demand. To go further, the company developed a strategy to guarantee the quality of the service provided.

Understand Fix’s quality control

To register as a Fix service provider, it is not enough simply to access the platform and declare yourself as a professional in a certain area. Before that, it is necessary to prove technical capacity related to the activity performed. This control is done in two ways: knowledge analysis and proof of certificates.

Thais tells the details: “They are people who go through a selection process (…), a technical test created by SENAI”. The objective is precisely to create a validation stage-managed by Fix and based on the criteria of an institution that is a reference in professional training.

She explains that the process helps to check, for example, if the electrician really understands electrical. Added to this, Fix checks the documentation related to training, to confirm that it was done in an institution recognized by Organs regulatory bodies of the professions. Thus, the service can be offered with safety, comfort and practicality.

Check out Fix’s service catalog for home maintenance and repair

Fix’s application, by itself, is already a great differential for anyone. After all, when a problem occurs, you don’t need to go to the liquidator to ask for tips from professionals or spend hours on the internet comparing prices and investigating the reputation of providers. Just access the app and make the request, detailing your availability and the services you need.

Here are some examples of what you find among Fix’s solutions:

  • electrician;
  • furniture fitter;
  • plumber;
  • cabinetmaker;
  • locksmith;
  • general service professionals;
  • air conditioning specialists;
  • wallpaper installer
  • locksmith;
  • masons who carry out minor renovations;
  • painter;
  • blind and blind installation and repair specialists ;
  • small freight offers;
  • upholstery;
  • roof and gutter specialists.

They are the most varied services for the home environment. By centralizing all of this on a single platform, Fix has brought an important innovation for those who don’t want to waste time or take risks. No wonder the startup has been favored by other companies.

“We won a battle of startups in the biggest event in the sector”, explains Thais, “from then on we gained notoriety in the construction and real estate market”. This made Cyrela, always interested in opportunities to improve the experience of its customers, to create this proposal for a partnership between the companies.

Understand the partnership between Fix and Cyrela

The objective of the partnership is simple: to make life easier for the resident of a Cyrela development, before and after handing over the keys. As Mariana Carmo explains to us, “even if he has not yet received the property, he can benefit from two fronts”.

Access to the service was made available on the Cyrela Customer Portal. Whether to request maintenance or home repair, or to have support when moving, just log in to the website and access the technical assistance page.

What used to be easy is now even simpler, especially in delicate stages such as moving. Mariana emphasizes that the client deserves this care, since “it is the moment when he is moving and has several small adjustments to be made”.

Shared values ​​and constant innovation

A partnership of this type is born when two companies share ideas, such as valuing the customer experience and people’s well-being. This can be seen, for example, in the works of Instituto Cyrela, aimed at society as a whole.

Fix, in turn, arises from a simple but innovative idea, and which is not linked solely to a product. This generates an extremely important secondary impact for Cyrela: this commercial partner’s commitment to providing excellent service.

“The Fix team has shown a very concerned look at the customer”, says Mariana. “It’s part of our day-to-day, always wanting to be more for the customer, being in tune with what’s happening”, she adds. Thais, in turn, points out that the fruit of the partnership can be defined in one word: synergy.

This story shows us that bringing together organizations with innovative thinking has everything to bring enormous benefits, especially for customers. So, if you want an easy home maintenance and repair service, get to know Fix’s app and access Cyrela’s Portal! You will be amazed by the practicality of this technology and the efficiency of the work offered!

Do you want this level of quality at all times when purchasing your property? So, get in touch with Cyrela and talk to someone who specializes in real estate development!