Floors and countertops: learn to choose the best material

countertops and floors

Thinking about customizing your kitchen or gourmet area and don’t know where to start? In some cases, it is possible to modify the floor plan of the apartment to make better use of the space or even invest in materials that offer quality and sophistication.

Currently, coatings for floors and countertops have been making their presence felt in the decor and help bring beauty to any environment. But, after all, how to decide for the piece with more quality and that matches the rest of the space?

In order not to make a mistake, it is necessary to pay attention to some details, such as the color of the product, the durability and the humidity level of the room.

Want to discover more? In this article, you will find information about the main alternatives to decorate your apartment in the best way. Check out!

Create a modern look with concrete and burnt cement

Do you prefer a modern and urban decor style? So concrete or burnt cement are great choices! Currently, these floors are widely used in environments with an industrial or rustic feel.

It is a material that offers high durability and strength, but the value may not be very affordable. This is because you should prioritize resined concrete, to reduce porosity and make the surface less susceptible to stains.

Easy to apply, you can bet on this idea both for the coating of countertops, counters and islands, as well as for the flooring of the entire area. This alternative can be combined with ceramic, wood or tile pieces. The effect is fantastic!

Ensure resistance with granite

Chances are you’ve come across a granite item or floor, right? This is one of the most famous materials and one of the most used in coverings – internal or external -, in sinks, countertops or countertops in general. This product is made up of minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica, resulting in a brilliant piece of varied colors.

Unlike marble, granite has low porosity, making it a great choice for humid environments or environments that frequently come into contact with water. Versatile, it brings different textures and you’ll be able to choose the most suitable one to compose your environment, according to your preferences.

As it is a slippery coating, granite needs special finishes for its application on the floor. Flamed, levied and sandblasted are some of the techniques that make this material better prepared for daily use.

Bet on marble for more sophistication

Like granite, marble is an original rock and is widely used in decoration projects. In specialized stores, you will find stones of different shades, but mainly in grey, green, yellow, beige, brown or black.

This option is less resistant than granite and has high porosity. Therefore, its use is indicated in environments with low humidity or without the risk of coming into contact with liquids. For floors, prefer the application in areas with little flow of people, ensuring greater longevity for the coating.

Marble has veins, which are nothing more than unique designs, ranging from the most delicate to the most visible. For more balance in the look, choose a single grain style for the same project.

Just like the clothes we wear, having harmony in the compositions is essential. For example: a printed shirt doesn’t match pants that have the same pattern, right? So, the most indicated is the use of neutral pieces with other printed ones. The same idea can be applied to floors and countertops.

Invest in classic and opt for wood

Wood is the darling when it comes to architecture and interior design. Classic, practical and capable of reflecting warmth to your space, the material can be used in various rooms and, of course, as floor coverings and countertops.

Easy to install — without the need to use cement or water — it can be applied in wet areas, on gourmet countertops or on central islands. For a more modern look, include glass or metal elements.

Regarding the floor, the most requested model on the market is the laminate, as it offers high durability and combines very well with any composition. You should choose the shade that best fits your project and the color of the rest of the furniture.

Take advantage of technology with nanoglass

Have you ever heard of nanoglass? A trend in decoration, this option consists of a synthetic material, produced with marble and glass powder. Its appearance is homogeneous, with a shiny surface and no textures.

For manufacturing, nanotechnology is used, which removes air bubbles from the entire structure, thus eliminating porosity and creating a well-refined finish. Maintenance is simple and you won’t have problems absorbing liquids or stains. Resistant, this product can be applied on kitchen countertops, barbecue grills, gourmet areas and floors.

Nanoglass is produced in white tone and is the right option for those who like to color the rest of the space. With floors and countertops in neutral tones, it is possible to add intense colors to the walls or decorative pieces.

Use porcelain for more versatility

Widely used in famous American kitchens, porcelain is great to be applied in any type of decoration. What matters is investing in creativity and good taste!

Its main application is as a floor, this product is a resistant ceramic and produced in different sizes and textures. There are options that imitate marble and others that are identical to wood, for those who want the practicality of a tiled floor, but without losing the charm of a natural element.

It is possible to decide between pieces with or without shine, straight or curved finish and protection treatments against scratches and stains. For use on countertops, it is important that the product has good quality and is resistant to high temperatures.

Innovate with modern limestone

Do you want a modern stone that, at the same time, has natural characteristics? Limestone is a raw, polished, imported limestone and, unlike porcelain, it has a velvety and lackluster appearance.

This material is used in projects for internal areas, being present in walls, floors and countertops. Even with high porosity, due to its natural origin, limestone can undergo some waterproofing treatments, making it viable for use in spaces that have contact with water.

When installed in the kitchen, it should have periodic maintenance in order to avoid premature deterioration. On the countertops, it manages to create an incredible and innovative effect, as it has no seams in the finish.

Choose corian to have a complete coat

Launched in the United States in the 1960s, corian is a noble and perfect material to enhance decoration. Composed of a mixture of natural stones and acrylic polymers, it has no visible seams and can be molded whenever exposed to temperatures above 165°C. This allows this product to easily cover curved furniture models.

Altogether, there are 24 colors available, but white is usually predominant in the projects. Very resistant, corian does not develop stains, does not splinter and is free from scratching. Its appearance can remain intact over the years, making this material replace coatings in granite, marble or steel.

Even with a higher value, the advantages are numerous and you can make a true luxury investment. Use this piece on countertops, countertops, tops or on the floor. The look is enchanting!

Consider hiring the services of a professional

After knowing the main options and identifying which one is ideal for customizing your apartment, why not consider hiring a professional in the area? Thus, you will have an easier time analyzing the plant, planning and decorating the environment in the best way.

An architectural or interior design professional is responsible for prioritizing essential design points — such as aesthetics, comfort, functionality, and practicality.

In addition to adapting the layout according to your needs, a decorator can indicate a good lighting structure, the correct arrangement of furniture and the ideal color palette. Great perks, isn’t it?

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