Home care: we have listed 5 cares you should pay attention to

house care

Even with the relaxation of social isolation taking place in some Brazilian cities, there are still many places that continue with the quarantine being renewed.

Because of this, people are constantly adopting some care with the home to preserve the family’s well-being, avoid domestic accidents and make environments more pleasant for everyone.

After all, this is a period that requires many changes in our routine and that affects our mental health, our consumption habits and other everyday issues a lot.

For this reason, we have prepared a post with 5 tips to help you in this mission to make your home a better place for this moment. Check out!

1. Pay attention to the consumption of water and electricity

It’s inevitable: with the need to stay at home through social isolation, people end up consuming more water and electricity. However, without a common sense in the use of these two resources, the bills at the end of the month will increase – and a lot -, which can compromise the family budget.

For this reason, remind everyone about the importance of reducing the duration of baths, not leaving the tap running when soaping dishes, and not using the washing machine to clean items that can be washed by hand (such as socks, handkerchiefs, baby clothes etc.).

In addition, it is essential that devices such as television and sound are turned off if there is no one in the room, and that the use of light fixtures in parallel with the lamps in the room is avoided.

2. Take some precautions with rechargeable electronic devices

The second tip is to take some precautions with electronic devices that are rechargeable, such as cell phones, tablets, notebooks, video game controllers, etc. After all, because they are part of our routine, we inevitably recharge them frequently, don’t we?

The point is that, during quarantine, the use of these items increases considerably, as does the number of times they are plugged into outlets — as they are used for work, leisure, reading and even spending time with the family.

The problem lies in the fact that many people decide to let them charge at night while they sleep, even if the devices only need a few hours to be fully charged. As a result, this can cause the battery to overcharge or even short circuit, damaging equipment and posing other risks.

Also avoid charging appliances on extension cords — especially those with multiple outlets — as this can generate an excess charge, which is potentially dangerous.

3. Avoid clutter build-up

The home organization cannot be left out of this list. That’s because, with you and your family spending all day indoors, it’s natural that there are more spots of clutter in one room or another. The problem is that, if this is not resolved soon, the mess starts to accumulate and become a nuisance for all the residents.

After all, a messy home is synonymous with discomfort, irritation and discomfort. Now, imagine you being quarantined — which is an unusual situation in itself and which affects our emotional state a lot — in an upside-down property.

Just thinking about it makes you feel part of the stress this experience can cause, isn’t it? Therefore, gather the residents of the house together and establish small rules of organization to keep the house in order.

After organizing, it is important to clean up for a clean and well-kept house. With a complete cleaning and care line, your home will shine without effort. CIF’s new line is an example, consisting of products that meet all the needs of every corner of your home: it has the versatility of multipurpose cleaners with unprecedented benefits, the efficiency and technology of products that clean with just one drop and even the practicality of wet wipes.

4. Strengthen home security

Another of the care with the house during the quarantine is to reinforce the security of the home, especially if you have children and/or pets living with you. To do so, take the following measures:

  • hide electronic appliance wiring behind or in interior spaces of furniture so that it is not visible and accessible;
  • store decorative objects made of fragile materials (such as glass, porcelain or ceramics) that can easily break and cut anyone nearby;
  • place plugs in unused sockets and are close to the floor so that the little ones cannot put their fingers in the entrance of the pins;
  • check the screens on the windows and on the porch to make sure they are in good condition and there are no spaces where pets or children can get through.

5. Take extra care when preparing meals

With the exception of those dishes ordered from the apps and delivery services, most of your meals will not only be eaten, but also cooked at home in this period of social isolation. Therefore, it is important to take extra care during its preparation to prevent some problems from occurring.

For example, when dirtying the surface of the stove or cooktop, or even the internal area of ​​the oven or microwave, be sure to clean it right away so that food scraps are not forgotten there. Otherwise, its removal will take longer over time. Not to mention that these food residues can release odors that will permeate your future meals and even become foci of fungus and bacteria.

Another necessary precaution is not to place hot pans and pans on the furniture or on the sink countertop, as this can cause stains and even cracks in the material they are made of — which wears out the appearance and reduces the durability of the furniture in your home. That’s why it’s always recommended to use a pillow for household items.

As shown throughout the post, some care with the house is essential to make the social isolation period lighter and safer, in addition to reducing expenses. So, if you also want the same result in your home, start following our suggestions and make small changes in your daily life. Without a doubt, you and your family will appreciate each of these measures!

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