Is it worth betting on custom furniture?

custom furniture

If there is a decorating trend that has been maintained over the decades, it is custom-designed furniture. A few years ago, it was common for families to dream of that planned kitchen and, over time, this has spread to bathrooms, bedrooms and, nowadays, we find this type of furniture even in living rooms.

But, before joining this trend, it is good to think about whether it will be good for your property and your family, in addition to knowing the necessary care when purchasing your custom furniture. This post brings just some of this information, so you can make a good choice. Enjoy reading!

Advantages of custom furniture

Possibility of customization

When planning a room, the colors of the furniture you’ve found may not be exactly what you’d like — or the dimensions may not be what you expected. You may also have a need for very specific ergonomic features for the furniture, as with tall or short people who may find it difficult to use standard furniture on the market.

For any of the reported situations, planned furniture brings the solution, as they can be customized to meet what you and your family need.

High quality

A piece of furniture built especially for a project is usually of superior quality to those manufactured in large quantities. This is due to the individual attention to every detail.

In addition, custom furniture companies often have access to materials — hardware and hinges, for example — modern and extremely durable, which is a great advantage.

Cost-benefit ratio

At first glance, and given the price difference, compared to finished furniture, the value of custom furniture seems quite high.

However, it is important to consider the quality, durability and superior finish to realize that it is worth investing in a differentiated product now and avoiding inconvenience and future expenses.

Disadvantages of custom furniture


As they are produced to order, these pieces of furniture take longer to be delivered. So, in case you have urgency, they are not the best option. However, it’s important to consider manufacturing time — and any delay — in a renovation schedule to avoid potential disruption.

High cost

Engineered furniture can represent a high cost for a property, but, as mentioned, it still maintains a good cost-benefit ratio.

The wide range of special finishes can strain your budget for this purpose. So, it’s good to evaluate the need to include them in your environments.

Low mobility

This furniture is created for specific environments and made-to-measure and, therefore, it is more difficult to use it in other places in the house. Thus, it is necessary to have a good planning of the entire property.

Furthermore, the process of removing, transporting and installing a cabinet, for example, can damage it.

Care when choosing your custom furniture

Analyze the family’s need

As this type of furniture is highly durable — and is custom made for each project — you should carefully analyze your family’s needs before hiring a company to install cabinets in your home.

If you choose to install custom cabinets in a baby’s room, for example, it is preferable to choose more neutral colors and finishes, as, in a few years, a children’s theme will not be so interesting in that environment.

To keep up with the long life of this furniture, the best option is undoubtedly a cleaner and timeless design.

Consider the project

The decorating project must consider the needs of the household’s residents — and the furniture must follow suit.

So, in addition to the exact measurements of the spaces, carefully evaluate the materials that will be used and the impact that this piece of furniture will have on the rest of the decoration, not only in a room, but in the entire residence. It is important that everything is very harmonious — and the possibility of customizing the projects should be used in favor of your good taste.

Look for good professionals

We saw that planned furniture demand a good investment and still have an immense importance in the functionality and decoration of a home. So, it is not worth leaving the execution of a project of this importance under the responsibility of any professional.

In the market, there are many companies — and even self-employed professionals — that offer this service. At this point, price should not be the main factor to consider. To hire a reputable and competent professional, look for recommendations, search for online reviews, ask your decorator or even friends for advice.

To assess who will install the planned furniture in your home, see previous work, consider the quality of service, punctuality, flexibility to negotiate and also the availability to resolve your questions and meet your requests.

Choose the right materials

With the exception of furniture with more personality — such as those made with demolition material — it is increasingly uncommon to produce furniture from solid wood. In addition to the high cost of this wood, it is necessary to pay attention to the environmental issue. Therefore, the furniture industry usually uses eucalyptus and pine, species whose planting is intended for commercial/industrial use.

These two woods originate the materials most used to manufacture furniture: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and MDP (Medium Density Particleboard).

MDF, made from compressed fibers and joined by a synthetic resin, is very resistant to handling — and can be molded and carved, allowing for different and more elaborate jobs. It also has good resistance to moisture and is easily pigmented, providing a satisfactory result. Therefore, it represents a good option for your planned furniture.

MDP, on the other hand, is manufactured from wood particles — also bonded together by synthetic resin. The difference is in the organization of these parts: in the center of the plate, are the larger particles, and the finer ones are located on the surface. The result is a sheet that should only be used on straight-line furniture.

Reliable professionals will also be able to help in this choice.

The purchase of custom furniture should go far beyond a fad, because in addition to the cost and labor — and time — involved in its production, they are very durable goods that can accompany a property for decades, serving several generations of the family.

Latest innovations in decoration can — and should — be considered to compose the environments of your home. Then take the opportunity to learn about Design Weekend trends. You will love!