Kitchen decor with cladding: how to make this environment more luxurious?


Good finishes — especially floors and tiles — have the same power as good clothes. After all, even if one wears the work and the other the people, both are able to disguise imperfections and emphasize qualities.

This is essential in environments with multiple functions, such as the kitchen. Thus, those who do not give up elegance, even when they are at home, need to invest in this differential!

To help, we selected the most suitable materials to achieve a beautiful kitchen decor with coating. Read on and see how to make it flawless!

How does flooring make an environment luxurious?

Coatings are among the finishing materials that best add personality to the property. Both on the floor and on the wall, they not only can but should be simple and, at the same time, luxurious. For this, however, an appearance of refinement is needed.

Another aspect that gives them the ability to ennoble environments is quality. In the kitchen, especially, stain and scratch-resistant pieces help keep the area looking new over the years.

The same goes for care in installation, as the smaller the spacing in the grout, the more elegant (and hygienic) the surface. To achieve this effect, it is recommended to use materials with ground edges rather than rounded (bold).

How to choose the ideal coating for the kitchen?

To make the right choice, first, it is important to follow the style of decoration adopted in the rest of the apartment. After all, the time when kitchens were closed, isolated from social rooms is gone.

Nowadays, they are also spaces to receive, integrating the living and dining rooms. Therefore, they need to live up to these environments.

Also, many people make a point of cooking for friends on special occasions. In this case, the receptions start in the kitchen itself, where guests stay while they are company for the host who likes to play the chef.

How to make a beautiful kitchen decor with coating?

In fact, kitchen decor starts with the coatings. But for that, it is necessary to take into account a series of elements.

Consider the size of the kitchen

In general, light floors and coatings are more suitable for small kitchens, as they help to increase the feeling of space in the sector. Another option for visually extending them is to include mirrored surfaces.

Demand quality coatings

In the kitchen, floors need to be waterproof (due to splashing liquids and grease), resistant to possible falling objects and easy to clean. The coatings used on the walls, on the other hand, can be more decorative. Examples are:

  • marbles, a classic among luxury finishes, often used in clean decorations;
  • granites, another type of neutral stone, but at a lower cost than marbles;
  • porcelain tiles, found in versions that reproduce stones, wood, corten steel, among other noble materials, but at a more affordable price;
  • hydraulic tiles, which bring a cozy feeling to the environment;
  • first-rate ceramics, considered by many decorators as having the best cost-benefit ratio for kitchen walls;
  • glass chips, especially when their colors converse with the tones of cabinets and cabinets;
  • demolition wood, efficient when you want to give a more rustic feel to the kitchen;
  • raw or painted bricks, also used in rustic or industrial environments, becoming more elegant when accompanied by noble materials.

When it comes exclusively to wall coverings, these are current and luxurious options:

  • 3D coatings, which create visual illusions, adding depth to vertical surfaces;
  • stainless steel metallic coatings (mainly in trendy colors, such as rose gold or copper), ideal for illuminating prominent corners;
  • subway tiles, either monochromatic or forming a colored composition, which can be used both in detail and on entire walls.

Finally, on the walls of dry and less hot areas, away from the meal preparation counter, you can consider:

  • wallpapers, in prints that speak to the rest of the environment;
  • ecobricks, ecological version of the exposed brick, with easy installation;
  • burnt cement, a technique that results in a neutral finish, which allows for daring in other elements.

Harmonize floors and coverings

The types of finishes must dialogue. The nice thing is that there are several ways to create harmony between floors and coverings. One can, for example, use the same geometric pattern. It is the case of:

  • hexagonal floors and coverings, in which floors can be colored and tiles neutral or floors neutral and tiles with geometric prints;
  • rectangular floors and tiles, with the larger floors, arranged horizontally, and the smaller tiles, arranged in the shape of fish scales;
  • square tile floors and the same size, but with checkered walls, in reference to the retro style, and monochromatic floors.

Another interesting way to promote harmony is to use the same coating on the wall, countertop and island (when there is one). It is an alternative traditionally used in American kitchens.

Don’t forget to consider the practicality

As beautiful as it is, the kitchen is still the place to prepare meals on a daily basis. Therefore, it needs to be as practical, cozy and functional as possible.

Therefore, avoid hard-to-clean coatings, which can become impregnated with grease. Also avoid the very porous ones, which stain with splashes.

Another tip: clear coatings favor lighting in the industry, but dark materials (black or shades of grey, brown and navy) can also be used. Whatever your preference, invest in good lighting. This makes all the difference, both in terms of aesthetics and when it comes to cooking.

After a lot of research, allow yourself to be bold in the choices

As long as you respect the predominant style of decoration in the apartment, it is possible to be bold in the colors, textures or patterns of the coverings. Even more so if the floor and furniture are neutral.

After all, good taste can be expressed as much in an all-white kitchen as in a predominantly sober or even colorful design. As long as the mix of different materials is harmonious, the possibilities are endless!

Why is it important to define a decorating style?

Having a pre-defined decor style limits the options, making the choice easier. Therefore, all elements (finishing, joinery, appliances, utensils and decorative pieces) must respect this concept. This ensures the project’s visual unity.

Thus, a good kitchen decor with coating needs to follow the decor that prevails in the rest of the environments, be it classic, rustic, bold, modern, vintage, minimalist, industrial, etc. With the use of quality materials, any style can have luxurious versions, which emphasize comfort and practicality in everyday life as well as make beautiful on special occasions!

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