Know what to evaluate when visiting a decorated apartment


When buying a new development, if in the plan, you will be faced with the possibility of visiting a decorated apartment. This option, which is increasingly gaining ground in the real estate market, is intended to help you resolve your doubts, promote a greater notion of the footage and show how it is possible to take advantage of everything that the internal area has to offer.

Check out the importance of this visit below, as it can be useful to guide your choices and how to decorate your apartment, so that it is exactly the place you envisioned!

Why pay a visit to the decorated apartment?

Visiting a decorated apartment for sale is an opportunity that serves not only for you to know the proposal behind the decoration project designed for it, but also to clear all doubts and details involving the personalization of the property.

Below, you will see other differentials to check through a visit – whether in person or virtual – each of the properly decorated rooms and how this practice can help your final decision. Look:

Visiting the decorated

Undoubtedly, a 360º virtual tour is very useful to help you visualize the dimensions of one or more apartments, especially when it is still on the plan or under construction, in a faster time and with greater convenience and with the whole family — since you don’t even have to leave the house to do that.

Both the virtual and the in-person visits allow you to explore details of the coverings used, the furniture and even the depth and actual size of the spacing of the circulation areas, the distribution of internal lighting, etc.

Use of space

Another reason why we recommend viewing the apartment decorated is to pay attention to the details of the decoration. There are usually many tricks that modify aspects of the property, such as the decoration adopted to make the best use of the plant.

This is, without a doubt, one of the main positive points of the designers’ dedication to assembling a decorated apartment. After all, you can see, in practice, the use of space with the inclusion of furniture, upholstery, appliances, electronics and decorative pieces inside it.

In addition, you can check the best way to use the footage correctly with your own things to benefit the circulation area, local ventilation and even the lighting of the rooms.

Perception of the comfort and functionality of the property

The properly furnished apartment also helps you to have a perception of its comfort and functionality that is not possible through plants or even visits to the empty property.

It’s the moment when you can confirm whether the integration of environments works, whether the rooms are suitable for your family’s needs, whether any room can be used in a different way, among other issues that will directly interfere with your routine.

Application of interior design trends

Another aspect that is worked on by the designers is the application of the decoration trends that are on the rise in the sector, such as coverings, furniture with different formats, color palettes, inclusion of green in internal spaces and so on.

Thus, in addition to being able to analyze the style of décor (Scandinavian, industrial, classic, retro, etc.) that will most enhance your future home, you can check and learn more about the characteristics of a luxury apartment and the decorative items that are synonymous with sophistication and modernity.

Is the decorated apartment for sale?

After seeing the decorated apartment, did you start to wonder if it is for sale with all the furniture on display? Know that you are not the only one. Many people – including those who already plan in advance how they want each room – end up being enchanted with the proposed decoration for the property and that’s not for nothing.

That’s why so many people identify with the setting made and feel that that way they’ll have the house of their dreams: for being a complete, comfortable, functional place and equipped with everything they need for their daily lives.

Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, it is important to talk to the construction company and check the possibilities they offer for the purchase of furniture and other items used in the environments.

What are the customization options offered by the builder?

For those looking for more exclusivity in the property, an option is the personalization of the apartment. At the beginning of the construction phase, the construction company informs its clients about the beginning of the customization phase and presents some kits for the client to make their choice.

These are some structural changes, such as the integration of environments, expansion of one or more rooms and you can also define the types of coverings, finishes, among other aspects of the house.

But remember, every endeavor is different. Always check the options presented for your apartment. It will only be possible to make changes that are offered by the construction company. Therefore, it is essential to establish a clear line of communication and understand what kind of flexibility is allowed in the project.

How to decorate your apartment in practice?

Get inspired by the decoration project and find your style

Remember when we talked about applying interior design trends in the apartment? Well, when you visit it decorated, you not only check what’s hot and which pieces add status to the environments, but you also have the opportunity to pick up several references from the decoration project and apply them in the future in your home.

And that goes for literally everything. That is, from the coatings and the color palette of the rooms to the arrangement of furniture and utensils used in them (crockery, cutlery, vases, etc. However, not only that, as this visit helps to define a style of decor that matches your profile, your personal tastes and your lifestyle.

This is because there is no point in having a minimalist house that values ​​at least “less is more” when you identify yourself as a collector (of souvenirs, works of art, statues, etc.) and someone who appreciates having original items from other decades for the nostalgic appreciation that they bring you and the vintage aesthetics they have, for example.

Check the possibility of hiring a decorator

If you are the type who has a lot of ideas when it comes to decorating, it might be a good alternative to hire a decorator.

This is because it will help you organize them and apply them in practice, always taking into account, of course, the dimensions of the apartment and what each member of your family needs so that the home is beautiful, comfortable and cozy for all.

Another reason to turn to this professional is that he will advise you for a better choice of furniture pieces, decorative items, lighting, color palette and the like, following trends from Design Weekend, Pantone Institute, Casa Cor, etc.

Therefore, be sure to ask for references from previous work, check your portfolio and even ask friends and family for recommendations.

Discover the best tips for each environment

To end this post, we’ve put together a series of tips on how to decorate an apartment that will help you have more pleasant, complete environments that provide good times for you and your family – which is exactly what makes our house so special, isn’t it? So stay tuned to all of them!

Living room

To start with, there is the living room, which is one of the rooms where we spend more time with our relatives, gather friends, welcome guests, and so on. For this reason, it is essential to prioritize the circulation area and make the place as inviting as possible.

An initial suggestion is lighting. Indirect light spots, such as those caused by pendant and floor lamps, are excellent to not cause visual disturbance, make the place more pleasant and, to top it off, also highlight other décor details, such as coatings, paintings, furniture, etc.

With regard to upholstery, it is worth taking into account the available space. In large rooms, the use of a set of sofas or the addition of armchairs, chairs and ottomans is free. For the small ones, on the other hand, what is indicated is a unique model, but able to stand out in the decoration (like a recamier or chaise longue).

A third tip is to use low furniture (racks instead of bookshelves, for example), as this helps to visually increase the size of the ceiling height of the walls, thus making the room larger than it is.


Here, in turn, the first step is to understand which kitchen models you have in your apartment. The reason? Simple: each format, such as American, compact and gourmet, requires a different use of available space.

Therefore, identify what is yours and consider the possibility of adopting custom-made furniture. Built-in and sliding models, for example, are on the rise and are easy solutions to guarantee the cleanliness of the place.

In addition to them, cabinets and hollow shelves have also gained prominence for their usability and for serving as dividers for integrated environments. To bring color to the kitchen, a good choice are hydraulic tiles and laminated tile adhesives — which can be periodically replaced or completely removed without much effort.

Pantry and dining room

When decorating the dining room, keep in mind that not only the size of the table, but also its shape is defined by the footage of the room. Therefore, large and round/oval models are ideal for spaces with more space, while the smaller and rectangular versions go very well with more compact dining rooms.

Another relevant point is that, if you choose pendant lamps and chandeliers on the table, they must be at a minimum height of at least 60 centimeters to avoid bumps when getting up or placing dishes, plates and other utensils on it during meals.

For the pantry, the ideal is the use of expandable tables or benches, as well as hanging cabinets, to better take advantage of the size of the place and make it free in case you need to use it to prepare food and drinks during a reception at home.

A tip that also helps make it noticeably larger is the adoption of stools and benches instead of chairs, especially those with arms — since they take up more space and the first two items can be stored inside the furniture.

Double bedroom

In the double bedroom, without a doubt, the main protagonist is the bed. Therefore, choose a model that provides comfort — in addition to meeting any orthopedic needs — and has a size proportional to the size of the room.

Otherwise, you may end up facing sleepless nights and problems due to the lack of space for circulation. Another simple suggestion, but one that makes all the difference, is the correct lighting.

In practice, this means avoiding light sources that are direct and create shadows, as this combination is able to reduce the warmth in the environment. The ideal is just the opposite: diffused and indirect light – which can be achieved with ceiling lights, lamps and sconces.

To complete the room’s décor, it’s worth having a good armchair and an ottoman to relax your feet. After all, it allows you to read, access the internet through your notebook or watch TV without disturbing your spouse who is sleeping in bed.

Children’s room

In the children’s room, in turn, it is interesting to think about how decoration can contribute to the development of your children.

The Montessori style, for example, is a great bet, as it aims at autonomy, freedom and, to top it off, it also promotes various sensory stimuli that work on the creativity of the little ones.

Other than that, it is important that the local furniture has a reduced size, since everything should be geared towards how your children see the world. For this reason, dressers for accessories and clothing, drawing table and the like must be tailored to the room.

Bathrooms and toilets

Bathrooms and, in particular, washrooms tend to be the environments with the smallest size in a property. Therefore, it is important to decorate them in a functional way to take advantage of the space and not leave both rooms stuffy and uncomfortable.

To do so, it is worth exploring the walls with niches, shelves and suspended cabinets, adopting light-toned coverings (tiles, tiles, tiles, etc.) to maximize lighting and invest in the application of large mirrors (such as those that go from floor to ceiling) to enlarge the inner area.

Apart from these suggestions, it is worth thinking about other measures, such as installing a floating toilet — which, unlike traditional models, takes up less space and has a more modern design — and the combination of the bathtub and the shower — optimizing the maximum the box area without limiting circulation in the rest of the environment.

Also, if you want to use paper or wall adhesive in both rooms, don’t forget: opt for vinyl models that are more resistant to humidity!

Hallways and entrance hall

Entrance hall and corridors do not need to be forgotten in the decoration while other environments receive all the attention. On the contrary, they are increasingly used to customize apartments and, in your home, this will not be different.

You can, for example, use in both some frames of different sizes with images of your family — black and white and sepia photos, for example, are a good option to create visual unity — transform the spaces into a mini-gallery with works of art. Arts, paintings and tapestries or installing mirrors when they are too narrow.

Another option is to bet on coverings, such as exposed bricks, stones and wood that give a more rustic/industrial touch to both places. Other than that, for those looking for more dynamism and color on the walls, wallpapers, licks and posters are a great option.


Finally, we come to ways to decorate the balcony. First of all, it is necessary to think about the purpose that this space will have. For example, you can turn it into a place to exercise, a reading corner, or a gourmet area to entertain friends and family. The possibilities are endless!

Once this is decided, you can cultivate some plant species through a vertical garden with hangers, trellises or trestles — something that contributes (a lot) not only to the aesthetics of your home, but mainly to the thermal comfort and the soundproofing it.

You can also insert compact, multifunctional furniture that serves as a countertop and mini-cellar, include futons, ottomans and armchairs with a good variety of cushions to add to the coziness of the space, and cover the porch floor with pebbles, pebbles and wooden treads to create a more intimate and relaxing setting.

Now that you are aware of the importance of evaluating when visiting a decorated apartment, be sure to analyze every detail of the decoration project designed for the property. After all, it’s quite useful in helping you determine if you’ve found the ideal home for your needs. And if you choose to be ahead of the ambiance of each space in your home, you already know: put our tips into practice!

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