Living in an apartment: what are the advantages?

Living in an apartment

Living in Apto - This is Boulevard Lapa, by MAC.

It is normal for human beings to want to protect their territory from malicious people. There are many more people in a building than in a house, more eyes to see if something is wrong.

Experts say that the most dangerous moment is entering and leaving the residence. Living in a building you always have a doorman and sometimes even a security team.

Some projects even have armored gates, such as Veríssimo Mooca, in São Paulo.

Facade of Veríssimo Mooca, which has a gatehouse with an armored guardhouse.

Furthermore, it is common for buildings today to have a camera system to monitor suspicious activity.

We’ve already talked about safety and those of you who are parents know, more important than safety itself is the safety of children. Especially when they’re little and we want to be like owls, always watching.

For parents of young children

Living in Apt: For parents of young children

We all know the importance of social circles. Living in a place with other children will allow your child to cultivate friendships from an early age.

And the kids aren’t the only ones who can make friends in the building, maybe you’ll end up finding a great friend in the one who lives next door.

Life is unpredictable, we never know when an emergency will arise, at these times it’s good to have someone to count on, if you live in the same building, even better.

Another big advantage is the leisure area. Having a soccer field, swimming pool, and playground just down the elevator, especially for a child, is almost magical.

For those who want practicality

Living in Apt: For newlyweds

For those who don’t like to waste time cleaning the apartment is ideal.

Much easier to keep clean and tidy. Not to mention the common areas, where cleaning is done by the condominium, no need to wash the water tank.

When it comes to online shopping, another advantage.

Those who live at home know this can be a problem. What if the order arrives and there’s no one home at the time?

This problem does not exist for those who live in an apartment, there will always be a porter to receive your orders.

For the best age

Living in Apt: For the best age

We know that loneliness is something recurrent among older people, being part of a small community can be very beneficial.

Living in a building is always having someone around, in case of emergencies.

It means having a social circle, being able to carry out activities in groups, meeting new people.

There are already some projects designed specifically for older people. With a planned infrastructure, bars in the bathroom and even emergency buttons in strategic places in case of falls

This is the case of Vintage Senior, in Porto Alegre, we made an article for you to better understand this project.

Living in an apartment only has advantages. Find your perfect fit in Apto!