Meet the Parklets and see how they will make our city more human


Parklet near Av. Paulista

Parklets are extensions of sidewalks to encourage (good) interaction among people. Before parking spaces, now spaces to live and socialize.

The streets were never just for cars, but with time this became the truth and people started to live together more and more closely on the sidewalks or in cafes. However, parklets are here to change that!

The City of São Paulo decided to democratize the use of the street and has already regulated the implementation of parklets throughout the city, especially in urban areas.

Illustration of a parklet. Spaces to enjoy the city and have a quiet chat.

What is parklet?

Space decorated with plants and flowers. The space is cozy and decorated.

Parklets are pleasant public spaces, often furnished with benches, flower boxes, tables and chairs. And even umbrellas, exercise equipment, bicycle parking, in short, everything that encourages people to socialize.

They occupy places that would normally be a car parking space, so the area serves as a space to rest or even to chat with friends.

Parklets are usually sponsored by restaurants, cafeterias or even bars, which try to use them as a way to attract the public to their establishments, in exchange for this space.

In addition, they improve the urban landscape, bringing a very interesting and creative aesthetic, enlarging the sidewalk area while offering a comfortable place to sit and chat in the city.


Girls talk in the space and enjoy the moment. Young people take advantage of the space to talk. Source: Pinterest

The parklets emerged in the mid-2000s, in San Francisco, with the idea of temporarily occupy the positions of cars, in order to test the need to create more spaces like these in the city.

The initiative came to Brazil through the NGO Instituto Mobilidade Verde, through the work of Lincoln Paiva, a partner at the Institute and a master in architecture and urbanism.

Since the first tests, parklets have gained more space in the city, bringing spaces to bring people together in a comfortable and cozy place. In Vila Madalena for example, there are some parklets that are very successful.

Understand parklets in detail from the following illustration:

Many benefits involve using parklets.

We’re always running, but isn’t it because there’s not enough space for us to sit down to take a break?

How about taking some time to stop for a while, breathe, talk to the crowd and enjoy the city!?