Multifunctional furniture was featured at the Milan Motor Show

Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture has become popular worldwide due to the high demand for compact apartments

The Milan Furniture Show is recognized worldwide for launching trends in materials, finishes and shapes, but mainly in relation to innovative and sustainable solutions. In the 2015 edition, innovation can be seen especially through multifunctional furniture.

This illustration below sums up well the proposal of this multifunctional furniture, which fit very well for those who live in compact apartments and for those who choose to have a more minimalist life.

With increasingly compact apartments, solutions that make the best use of existing space become essential. As a great example, there is the “As if From Nowhere” by designer Orla Reynolds. In addition to storing books and decorative objects, the single shelf includes two metal tables and four chairs, which can be positioned in the environment as needed at the time, without giving up design.

Multifunctional furniture - As if From Nowhere

See other cool multifunctional furniture, which house more than one function in a very simple way.

Multifunctional furniture exhibited at the 2015 Milan Salon

Chest table

Multifunctional Furniture - Trunk table

Coffee table with built-in benches

Multifunctional furniture - Coffee table with built-in benches

Workstation with table and electricity point

Multifunctional furniture - Workstation with table and electricity point

Functional and sustainable cuisine

One of the highlights of the 2015 Milan Salon was the fully functional and sustainable kitchen module proposed by Ikea.

The entire module already comes with a system where dirty water is filtered through a series of natural materials before being completely reabsorbed by the system. There are also independent reservoirs for different types of garbage. The future that fits in virtually any kitchen!

Functional and sustainable cuisine

The São Paulo real estate market in tune

According to Secovi-SP, 34% of all apts launched in 2014 are Studios or 1 bedroom, behind only the 2-bedroom apts that represented 40% of the total.

This means that a major change in furniture is already taking place in São Paulo, favoring multifunctional furniture. See some examples.

Setin Downtown Geneva

The Setin Downtown Geneva has fit 30-55 m², decorated by Fernanda Marques, who used a very nice sofa bed, freeing up more space for circulation.

Setin Downtown Geneva

BKS Santo Antônio

The BKS Santo Antônio has super compact units from 19 m², which SuperLimão Studio made a point of decorating with multifunctional furniture, to make the most of each space. Note that the bed and table are retractable.

BKS Santo Antônio

VN Álvaro Rodrigues

Vitacon was one of the pioneers in multifunctional apartment decoration. In the example below, the company’s CEO, Alexandre Frankel, shows how it is possible to live in a 23 m² apartment, with comfort, using multifunctional furniture. This video was recorded in the decorated apartment of VN Álvaro Rodrigues.