Music and gastronomy: tips for quarantine that Cyrela bets on!


Who never dreamed of having time to enjoy home sweet home? With the isolation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this wish finally came true – but not in the way it was imagined. In fact, staying home in quarantine isn’t always easy. The reasons everyone knows: there is the stress of the accumulation of functions, added to the fear of the coronavirus and, of course, the heavy climate that hangs over the world.

However, you can make this phase lighter. For this, it is worth creating good times with the family, in addition to maintaining relationships with reliable companies that really care about the well-being of their customers.

That’s what Cyrela believes and seeks every day! Want to know how? So, read on!

The importance of cultivating good times in quarantine

It’s not just remote work, online meetings, housework and monitoring the children’s school demands. Despite COVID-19, this period not only can, but must be full of good moments.

To help, Cyrela brought music, food and entertainment to its customers. The action, designed to break the routine and contribute to quality of life, took place at the end of May.

Through a live, singer Thiago Abravanel and chef Carlos Bertolazzi livened up the customers’ Saturday. At the time, comments with the hashtag CyrelaGOURMET confirmed that the meeting excited the families!

The role of music and gastronomy

What, so cool, happened in this live? A little live show — just voice and guitar —, first-rate food and drinks, and a good chat! The meeting lasted just over two hours and was filled with music and recipe preparation tips.

As Thiago put it, “in this difficult moment, we need some relief”. This is the role of music and gastronomy.

But until reaching the event itself, there were some preparatory steps. To promote the live, Cyrela sent out invitations and asked people to indicate the menu they would like for the time to watch it. With the choice, the action began:

  • the first 400 subscribers received a kit with ingredients to prepare the main dish (filet mignon stroganoff with rustic potatoes);
  • entries 401 to 700 received a kit to make the night’s drink (Moscow Mule);
  • 701 to the thousandth subscribers received a starter kit (tapioca dices with pepper jam).

The public could make the preparations together with the chef, in real-time. Meanwhile, drones “caught” residents who were enjoying the broadcast on the balconies of the apartments. Quite fun!

The role of communication and empathy

During the live, Thiago made a series of video calls to residents of different projects. At that time, he took the opportunity to ask how life was going during isolation, as well as what they considered the best thing about staying at home.

It’s nice to note how everyone, despite the pandemic, sees something positive at this moment. For example, there was a couple who said they were happy to be able to be together and enjoy their home, which was previously impossible. A resident who lives alone revealed that she is taking the opportunity to organize her home and redesign the decor.

Another highlight of the live was the affectionate message left by the president and founder of Cyrela, Elie Horn. “The crisis showed that the world is solidary, that good must always be done”, he said.

Then it was the turn of the co-chair, Efraim Horn, to deliver his message. “This event was made from the heart, to bring a little more inspiration and joy at this time.”

Also according to Efraim, Cyrela always wants to go further, to bring the best of the world, technology and design to its customers. “We would like your children’s house to be Cyrela’s as well”, revealed the co-president, moved.

Sensitivity to face challenges, but never stop working

During the live, some commercial films were also shown. Imagine the surprise of those who recently acquired their future home and could see their dream come true!

The duo also spoiled some of the upcoming releases. Among the new addresses in São Paulo, there are projects in the Ipiranga, Vila Mariana, Moema and Brooklin neighborhoods. “I love Cyrela’s concept of living,” commented Bertolazzi.

Cyrela Actions for a Quieter Quarantine

All the work involved in producing the live demonstrated a genuine concern for the clients’ well-being. The event not only helped in the process of building good memories but also reinforced Cyrela’s good relationship with its customers — something essential, especially given the challenges of the current context.

Among the factors that prove this good relationship, the following stand out:

  • the availability of different communication channels;
  • continuous contact in after-sales;
  • surveys on satisfaction levels and feedback analysis;
  • the use of technology, such as systems for collecting, storing and analyzing customer data; among other elements.

Through live, it was also clear that it is possible to approach while respecting isolation. Proof of this was the announcement of the first 100% digital release, at Ipiranga. That way, no one has to risk leaving the house to take advantage of the opportunity to get a great deal.

All details of the new venture can be obtained from the brokers. The same goes for the special trading conditions offered in the pre-launch.

Creating good times at home: tips for quarantine

Have you ever thought about creating a different and special family moment? Having a gourmet kitchen at home has many advantages, especially when dining out is not possible. You can, for example, repeat the recipes taught by the chef.

Another good option is to sing and dance as if you were at the Baile do Abrava! It is known that relaxation does a lot of good for physical and mental health.

It is also very important to miss family members. To do this, make video calls regularly.

And how about taking the opportunity to set up a home bar? Then, just arrange a virtual happy hour, via a videoconference application, with friends and relax! In addition, it is possible to:

  • read and/or write a diary;
  • watch movies and series;
  • meditate and/or pray;
  • practice physical activities;
  • make crafts;
  • visit sights virtually;
  • Make a course;
  • prepare a new project;
  • invest in a new hobby, etc.

In this post, we show what happened at the meeting provided by Cyrela and gave other ideas to improve the isolation period. Now it’s up to you! Bring the family together and talk about how they could relax, have fun and enjoy themselves more. Create good times because, when we least expect it, all this will pass!

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