Penthouse Building – What is this building?

Penthouse Building

A symbol of social inequality in Brazil, the Penthouse Building is close to a wall in Paraisópolis, a neighborhood in the city of São Paulo, belonging to the Vila Andrade district, but this was not always the case.

This image above is not a montage, it is the clearest portrait that exists of Morumbi and Paraisópolis, the neighborhood that was the subject of one of Globo’s soap operas, I Love Paraisópolis.

The photo that shows the community and the Penthouse Building is a work of art by photographer Tuca Vieira, who worked for Folha de São Paulo in 2002 and who in this post explains the difficulty of capturing this scene from a helicopter. The building was already known nationally because that was where the “Bonitona does Morumbi” from the soap opera ANext Vítima lived.

For those unfamiliar with the region, the immediate reaction is to deny that such coexistence is possible. But it does exist, it is called Penthouse Building and is located at Av. Giovanni Gronchi, 3891.

He even has a twin brother, called the Roof Building, located right next door. Both of the highest standards.

Roof Building, twin and neighbor to the Penthouse Building.

Penthouse Building and Roof Building in Morumbi, next to Paraisópolis.

The Penthouse Building, completed in 1979, with apts measuring 355 m², was built by Lindenberg , one of the largest and best high-end construction companies in the country to date.

The project itself remains special.

Note the bold spiral architecture.

Take a look at the large terrace with a private pool and, through the Penthouse Building, remember that at the time, the standard was not to have a terrace or to have just one space without much inspiration.

Note that all apartments are penthouse when even today the only thing is that the roofs are penthouse – and look there.

Note that it is on one of the highest points of Morumbi, providing a panoramic view, even from the lower floors.

The problem (of the residents of the Penthouse Building), which is this panoramic view, had the landscape altered from 1979 until today.

Paraisópolis already existed at the time, but it was about 20% the size it is today and it was impossible to imagine that it would take on such proportions.

A woman holding a child observes a photo of the city of São Paulo in 1979, which shows a view of the region where the Penthouse Building is located. Photo of the city of São Paulo in 1979, overlooking the region where the Penthouse Building is located.

Basically, nobody was crazy to build a very high standard building there. And the community grew where there was free land, after all, many worked in the neighborhood.

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