Social responsibility: 7 voluntary actions organized by large companies

large companies

The time when business activities had a purely economic significance is long gone. Currently, all companies are permanently evaluated as organizations with active participation in all dimensions of life in the communities in which they operate.

This reality gave rise to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, which refers to the set of initiatives and practices that manifest the company’s commitment to ethical, transparent behavior and aimed at the development of the existing community around its enterprise, including the preservation of the environment, reducing inequalities and respect for diversity.

In this article, we will present some examples of companies from different sectors that involve their employee’s involuntary actions, demonstrating that their commitment to society goes beyond the sale of their products and services. Find out who they are next:


Through the Cyrela Institute, the company, one of the largest in the national real estate sector, promotes solidary actions with a relevant social impact, through its volunteer program.

The main action within the Cyrela Volunteer Program is the Voluntary Action Day, which takes place annually on the last Saturday of August. With the support of volunteer committees, a large collective effort for repairs and improvements is organized in some institutions located in the main cities where the company operates, which are selected through voting open to all employees.

During the task force, volunteer employees are dedicated to renewing the painting of walls, mowing lawns, sweeping and cleaning environments, among other renovation and maintenance activities. In addition, they also carry out prior actions that promote improvements in the quality of service in selected organizations, such as the donation of new teaching materials, revitalization and creation of recreational spaces and for sports activities by the beneficiary public.

To carry out this work, the company also has the support of Cyrela suppliers and other partner companies. At the event held in 2017 (cover photo of this article), BASF, one of the largest chemical companies in the sector, participated in the action by donating paint from its property paint brand, Suvinil, and sent a group of volunteers to participate in the event.


Deloitte, a consulting and auditing company known around the world, also develops volunteer actions involving its employees. In June of this year, it promoted the Impact Day event, which had the participation of around 400 employees in an action that benefited more than a thousand children and young people.

The activities carried out included awareness-raising actions related to the environment and a cycle of lectures on various topics, in addition to the inauguration of a library and a toy library organized by volunteers and the promotion of bazaars.

Also noteworthy were the collection of almost two tons of products for the Ludovico Pavoni Community Center in São Paulo, and a blood donation campaign that resulted in the collection of more than two hundred bags of blood.


L’Oréal, a French multinational that is a global leader in the cosmetics segment, annually promotes the Citizen Day, an event of voluntary actions in which employees from its units all over the world participate.

In 2017, the activities of the Rio de Janeiro unit were concentrated in Educandário Romão Duarte and in the Amparo Thereza Cristina women’s nursing home. At Educandário, volunteers organized a June party, which featured typical treats and games, in addition to the traditional square dance. In addition, one of the rooms was restored, receiving a new paint job. In the nursing home, the walls were restored, in addition to enameling and gardening work.


The American multinational in the retail sector is another company that promotes social actions through its Walmart Institute. Within an operating platform that seeks to establish a greater connection between the company and the communities where its operations are located, called Viver Melhor Comunidade, the Institute seeks to encourage the voluntary work of its employees.

Its most traditional action, which has already taken place in 11 editions, is the Community Day. In this initiative, employees of the company’s stores, offices and distribution centers promote volunteer activities in social organizations.

In the most recent edition, held in May 2017, the action was attended by about 2,500 people, who were involved in activities in organizations distributed in 129 cities throughout Brazil. This year’s theme was related to the World Play Week, promoted by Aliança pela Infância.


Since 1998, the Spanish bank has maintained the Escola Brasil Program, a corporate volunteer initiative that aims to contribute to improving the education of Brazilian children and young people. Volunteers can choose to participate only in specific actions in institutional campaigns or to work continuously in partnerships established with public schools.

As of 2017, the initiative incorporated some goals related to the Sustainable Development Goals led by the United Nations, aiming to promote the integration of the school community and the citizenship education of children and young people from the partner educational institutions.


The American multinational 3M, internationally recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the world, also seeks to apply this characteristic in its social actions. To this end, it maintains the 3M Institute of Social Innovation, which focuses on promoting entrepreneurship in the areas of science and technology, based on ethical values, citizenship and sustainability.

In addition, the company also promotes International Volunteer Day, involving more than five thousand employees. The Brazilian version of the program has been in existence for nearly four decades, with around 300 employees. Volunteers get involved in various initiatives organized by the 3M Institute, ranging from vocational education classes and book collection campaigns to participation in laboratory activities in organizations such as APAE.


The Brazilian cosmetics company Natura also has a great commitment to social responsibility. In 2010, it founded the Natura Institute, with the objective of strengthening its social initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education in the country. Since then, the Institute has invested in actions aimed at strengthening the people and organizations involved in the sector, with initiatives for teachers, schools and public administrators, in practically the entire national territory.

Several of the initiatives have the involvement of company employees, through the internal volunteer program. One example is the participation in the interactive groups of the Community of Learning at School project, acting in interactive educational actions that aim to improve the academic performance and the coexistence of students.

More and more, consumers and customers have taken into account factors that go beyond technical and economic aspects when selecting with whom they will establish commercial relationships, using their consumption behavior as a way to express their personal values.

Therefore, it is important to know how companies develop their relationship with society, especially with regard to their social responsibility actions. By identifying organizations that engage in concrete actions to promote collective well-being, consumers have the peace of mind of being involved with companies with values ​​similar to theirs.

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