The Context Around You is Crucial to Your Success in Investing and in Life


I will never tire of emphasizing the importance of the context that surrounds you on a social and individual level, I thought about it just this morning while I woke up, unusually, at my parents’ house.

Last Sunday I had to suddenly return to my home country for personal reasons.

As you know, if you have been following me for some time, I am originally from the Amalfi Coast but have lived in Turin since 2015.

In the tourist resorts, winter is practically a period of rest, it had been 5 years since I had been walking around the places where I grew up on a Monday morning in February.

As you can imagine, the context is particularly dull: many activities are closed, people are walking bored on the street, many young people take advantage of these periods to go on vacation while those with children, blandly, are divided between parental duties and subsidies of the INPS that fill the months off tourism.

When I lived on the Amalfi Coast and I was dying to carry out my ambitious projects, I particularly hated this phase of the year because I could not explain to myself why, in a world that runs fast, there can be places where everything stops almost arrogantly, despite peaks of 20 degrees even in January and a climate that could always favor tourism.

I was a misfit, I hated all this because I was already “attached” to a different world and, in fact, I was living with a certain frustration.

But it is normal that this is so … or not?

If you talk to a local, he replies that it is normal, indeed, he is surprised if you think differently.

Not surprisingly, the context here is like this and those who grow up in a place characterized by similar dynamics without ever feeling discomfort with respect to these things end up accepting everything and conforming.

The same happens to me, for example, when I meet people and talk about money and personal finance.

The vast majority of people you meet at dinner with other acquaintances or in work contexts, in fact, spend their time bragging about their consumption and their habits and it is very rare to know someone who talks to you about financial marketsinvestments or business.

Starred restaurants, designer clothes, sentimental conquests and new cars and ever-present best sellers, serious talk about where the world economy is going and how we can make money with it too!

This happens on a transversal level, I happen to hear similar speeches both from the so-called “well-off” and from the middle class.

It happens because we are all immersed in a context that pushes us to be in a certain way and, you know when it is the silent majority that dictates the line, the compromise can only be to the downside.

“I talk to you because nobody here understands me”

Since I founded My Business in 2014, I have had the opportunity to talk about personal finance with many people and the leitmotiv is always the same: “I talk to you because nobody here understands me”.

By “here”, in general, we mean: in my home, in the workplace, among friends, in my network of acquaintances and/or friendships and, in some cases, in the context of a country or city.

Although the web has the power to approach distant people with similar interests, this does not always happen efficiently.

It is also for this reason that I created Academy, full of advanced training programs designed for those who want to grow and which represent the “virtual” place, where it is possible to meet and compare with those who resemble us in our desire for new horizons.