The extinction of coverages


Duplex cover top floor

Calm down, it’s not that the covers are going to go away, but the way they exist is changing.

The penthouse has always been a symbol of status and exclusivity, reserved for those who purchase the highest apartment in a building.

It is common for penthouses to be duplex, where the lower floor has a floor plan similar to the other apartments and the upper floor has a social area, often with a swimming pool.

The lower floor, from the roof of Splendor Ipiranga. Upper floor, from the Splendor Ipiranga penthouse, which can be accessed by stairs or elevator.

What the builders observed was that this area was very underutilized when it was exclusive to just one apartment. So why not make it a space for all residents?

Today, in many new buildings, the penthouse is no longer a private area and has become a leisure area for all apartments to enjoy.

The leisure area on the roof has become one of the residents’ favorites, being a great attraction for the launch of new real estate projects.

This scenario makes builders strive to create increasingly innovative spaces, the penthouse has become a great differential of the buildings.

Suspended leisure also attracts

Some projects have suspended leisure, which is not on the roof, but, in the same way, create a special look to the project.

See the case of London SP, located on Rua da Consolação.

rooftop pool. Project designed to offer various leisure options. rooftop pool. This 50 meter swimming pool with an Olympic lane is the largest suspended swimming pool in São Paulo. gym.

The place also has a suspended gym. party room. Plus a ballroom on the 22nd floor.

Notice everything you can do when suspended or rooftop entertainment is designed as an area for all residents to use.

Imagine going to the gym, cooling off in the pool and then enjoying a party with friends, all with a panoramic view high above the city of São Paulo.

Ideas are endless and create a host of new possibilities

Or see the example of Thera Ibirapuera By Yoo Apartments, which created a rooftop inside a glass sculpture, a place for you to have a coffee, on top of the building, and observe the view of Ibirapuera Park and its surroundings.

cafe on the rooftop. Uniquely styled rooftop, created by one of the most renowned design companies in the world, Yoo Studio.

And if you want to cool off, just climb the stairs and discover Thera Ibirapuera’s suspended swimming pool.

But not always the roof from the place to a swimming pool, due to the difficulties of acclimatizing the swimming pool on the roof, many builders choose to create a different space.

See the sky lounge that was made at the B103 Brooklin, which enhances the open view to the South Zone of São Paulo.