The TRADING Industry is Burning Your Brain!

TRADING Industry

Recently a comment arrived on social media under a post of mine by an alleged trader who, in addition to calling me a “fool”, claimed that if I were really good with investments I would make money on my own and would not teach others anything.

Eye, I say presumed trader because ours is so good to admit, candidly, that he does it to round up.

Because that’s the way it is, even here those who watch the games on Sunday become CT for a few minutes.

The trading industry has burned the brains of millions of people in recent years and devastated the concept of investing almost beyond repair.

Fortunately, since 2014 a few people who follow me are understanding and distancing themselves from this nonsense.

Let’s go in order

Investing for me means taking some money earned from your work and protecting it from the erosion resulting from inflation to make it grow in the long run thanks to compound interest.

It is a step that comes AFTER a series of other steps that I explain to my students about the “Easy Investments Formula” investment program and it is JUST ONE PIECE of the RGGI method that I follow to make a living.

To do all this you need some essential things:

  • Income capacity: if you do not have an income, your problem is to get it and you cannot do it with investments;
  • Presence of a capital: if you have no money, you cannot invest the peanuts;
  • Time: financial markets are not the lottery; they grow in the long run. The earlier you start; the more time you have to grow.

The big trading scam, on the other hand, has put the opposite in people’s minds

Many like our friend who calls me a “fool” think that with investments you can get rich and that you can do it even without having a penny.

Of course, there are people who have been trading for a lifetime as their main business, don’t get me wrong.

These people are, in fact, professionals who study and train constantly.

If until yesterday you did not even know where to start and, above all, you do not have the financial stability to be able to afford to take risks, trading seems to me your last chance.

Get a second job, get more clients if you work on your own or, if you really like it, study as you would before be starting a business.

Because trading is risk …

… Trading is business and it is not a business that I like.

I like to make money with companies, as I teach in the “From Zero to Entrepreneur” program, and I invest the money I earn in the financial markets to grow over the long term.

The things I teach represent, if anything, only one of my many entrances but, even if they failed, I would have something to eat peacefully as I did for years before I created the Academy.

Chest is, as I love to say.

Those who tell you the opposite lie knowing that they are lying or simply do not understand a pipe and pretend to talk about what they do not know.