Tips for modern decorating


The modern decor is minimalist and elegant. This style of decoration is one of the most democratic and adapts to all types of environments, from the smallest to the most spacious.

Very popular and current, the modern style tends to value simplicity and practicality.

To give you an idea, modernism is an artistic and architectural trend from the first half of the 20th century, which responds to the heavy ornamentation of the previous century.

Contrary to what many people might imagine, the modern decor style does not necessarily use objects or furniture with a futuristic design.

In general, it is a trend in which the functionality of furniture, and even decorative items, is valued.

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to find references to this style, which is frequently printed in magazines and specialized websites, precisely due to its practicality and elegance.

The modern decor is far from traditional, but it’s also not out of line with standards, so it can be simple to achieve. Some tips for this are:

Adopt the minimalist style

modern decor

Generally speaking, minimalism is the idea that less is more. In practice, this means that furniture does not need to take up a lot of space and must be simple and functional.

Often, it is even possible to get rid of some pieces to make room, keeping only the furniture that is really important for everyday life.

In the beginning, they may be lacking, but reducing space can be great for optimizing the organization.

Decorative items, on the other hand, to follow the same line, should be few objects. The ideal is to choose pieces that reflect the personality of the residents, but that do not take up too much space or impair the practicality of the home.

The advantage of the minimalist style is that, in addition to having a modern house, full of style, practicality and personality, the resident does not need to spend a lot of money on things that are useless.

The minimalist style is also a way to ensure that all elements placed in the environment have a purpose and please the residents in some way.

In addition, it is also important that, despite having few furniture or decorative items, they all have a harmony with each other, integrated into the rooms.

Choose stainless steel finishes

modern decor

Stainless steel is a material that is used extensively in this style, usually in cold areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It is present in stainless steel connections, for example.

Originally used in industry, because they are extremely resistant and easy to install and handle, the connections can be applied as a decorative item and as an aid in the installation of pipes for electrical and lighting.

That way, you don’t have to break the wall to have new shots, for example, as long as they are needed.

Larger kitchens or laundries may also have an industrial stainless steel tank. It can be very useful when events occur where there may be plenty of dishes or large utensils to wash.

Stainless steel has as its main advantages, in addition to resistance, the ease of cleaning and sanitizing, which is why it is such a highly valued material today.

It is also present in household appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers or washing clothes.

The appliances also have systems with steel bbs, which are kinds of balls for the bearing, present both in the operation of the devices and in the lower part, to facilitate mobility.

Choosing modern furniture

modern decor

The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the living room, and one of the most needed in a home.

To choose a sofa with a more modern look, a tip is to prefer models with a low back and one that is wider. special springs in the upholstery help ensure comfort, depending on installation.

A good choice is for simple pieces, preferably in plain colors, avoiding flashy prints and opting for textures to give an interesting touch. Armchairs and pillows should follow the same style, complementing the room.

Coffee tables give a more refined touch to the rooms, and accept decorations, as long as they also follow a more sober line.

The same can be said about the TV dresser or bookcase. One idea is to use neutral-colored books for decorating, as well as sober-colored or black-and-white frames.

Especially for bedrooms, a great solution is the choice of modular furniture, which in addition to being very neutral and combining with each other, are fixed to the walls and leave more space.

The idea is to invest in many closed cabinets and shelves, hiding all the sundries and personal items, leaving only simple decorative items visible, according to the residents’ taste.

In general, furniture should be simple, with straight lines. Bearing systems, graphite bushing or other types of mechanisms are very useful to help move furniture when cleaning, for example.

Regarding colors, in the modern style, the preference is for dark woods or with glossy white lacquers in the furniture.

However, nothing prevents the choice of a vibrant color, as long as it harmonizes with the rest of the environment.

Modern furniture also usually features stainless steel elements, especially in combination with leather and glass.

In this sense, the use of a diamond drill bit for glass guarantees a superior quality finish in different applications. One example is tabletops.

Putting modern elements into construction

In general, the modern decor style can be applied to any type of building, especially if it has more basic choices, such as rented properties, for example.

However, some elements can contribute to make the environments with a more modern touch.

An example is the installation of an iron angle, which is also an element that initially has use in engineering, civil construction and industry.

However, when installed in buildings in a modern style, it guarantees more resistance and personality to the walls, with a kind of frame in the profiles of the walls and passages.

Another application in civil construction that has a very modern effect is the use of structural aluminum profiles, which may even be apparent in constructions. Especially in sheds, such as residential garages, the idea can get quite sophisticated.

Choosing a modern color palette

modern decor

Regarding colors, in modern decor the trend is for plain colors, mainly black, white, shades of brown, beige and gray, matching each other.

Despite being the main tones of this style of decoration, it can also be interesting to use elements in more vibrant colors, such as orange, purple, yellow, red, green, wine, etc. In this case, the counterpoint of the colors creates a highlight.

The painting can also have a modernist feel. How about painting big blocks on the walls, in different colors or black and white?

Another option is to apply mirrors or frames on the walls, which can make a big difference in the personalization of spaces.

Invest in different types of lighting

modern decor

Modernity and technology are concepts that practically go hand in hand. The latest home solutions can also be applied to modern decor, especially when keeping simple lines in the design.

Light dimmers, and even automation systems, are all about modern decor.

The dimmers allow you to adjust the light intensity, creating a more comfortable environment according to the moment.

However, the trend is for modern environments to be well lit. The use of natural light is a goal, even to ensure sustainable energy consumption, but it is also recommended to install white artificial lighting, with LED lights.

LED has several advantages, such as the fact that it is 80% cheaper than incandescent lamps and has low heat emission.

For environments such as bedrooms, or even for the installation of themed lights, there are options in different colors.

The luminaires also ensure a special light effect, in addition to facilitating access to lighting, as is often the case.

Automation systems, on the other hand, enable the activation and automatic adjustment of elements such as lights, curtains, air conditioning, among others, according to predetermined settings.

The goal is to ensure more practicality and comfort for users of spaces. And this has everything to do with the proposal of modern decor, which values ​​the versatility and usability of the elements.

The main tip for decorating a space in a modern style is, however, researching different sources of inspiration.

In this way, the owner ensures that he has as much information as possible before making his decisions, choosing the options that have superior quality or that best fit the desired style.