Why don’t real estate ads always show price?

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The internet is already a fundamental part of the process of searching and buying real estate. Being able to search, learn about and compare the options available on the market at a touch of a cell phone is a great advance and gain for all sides. However, some peculiarities of this tool still cause confusion.

Why don’t real estate ads always show the price?

There are a few reasons. Felipe Aiello, commercial director of Directional Incorporadora, explains why this happens and how consumers can use it to their advantage.

Aiello explains that, above all, anchoring value is not an efficient strategy for developers: “If a project, for example, sells 70% of units at launch, it is natural that the company wants to increase the value of the 30% that remain.”

This simple market rule would explain why companies do not advertise prices.

However, there are other important points that explain why prices can vary a lot and, in some cases, allow for greater discounts.

For the real estate buyer, it is important to understand the other side, because, in practice, if the discount possibilities are great, would the construction company be informing or misinforming when informing the price?

Physical variables of the fit

Singularities and unique features such as view, height, and solar orientation cause there to be price variation between apartments in the same development.

It is known that the solar orientation directly affects the quality and comfort of the property, so the plumb line (south, north, east or west) of the apartment can be a variation in the final value. “The position of the tower (near the pool, playgrounds, balcony view, noisier side, neighbor, etc…) and pavement can also cause the value to vary a lot,” completes Felipe.

Financial variables

When the project is under construction, the final value of the property can also vary according to the payment method. Usually, what weighs most and plays in the buyer’s favor is the down payment.

The more he can give in the act, the greater his bargaining power and chances of getting a discount.

The negotiation, by the way, is the biggest advantage of the client who does not see the value disclosed in the advertisement. Felipe explains: “When you place a price, you usually don’t leave a relevant margin and, consequently, the client loses negotiating power.”

  • Vince’s tip

Searching and comparing properties on the internet is indeed an incredible tool at the beginning of your apartment’s purchase journey. However, the conversation with the sales professional is an essential part of a conscious and satisfying purchase in the long term.

Only talking will you delve into important details and know all the implications that affect the final value of the property.

Don’t be afraid to start the conversation without a closed value, be open to discovering options and never stop using the trading margin to your advantage.